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What CROCHET STITCH Uses the MOST YARN? It's a Real Yarn Eater!

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You can learn what Crochet Stitch uses up the Most Yarn in this video. Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Naztazia. I’ll be comparing 8 of the most popular crochet stitch patterns, including the single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet (triple crochet), moss stitch, granny stitch, waffle stitch, corner to corner (c2c) and shell stitch. Guess which one is a real yarn eater?

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Pattern, text, photos, video © 2020 Naztazia® Music written and performed by Donna Wolfe


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  1. naztazia says:

    NEW Videos Weekly! Please SUBSCRIBE! Written info and calculator:

  2. @naztazia could you please link videos of how to make these stitches?

  3. Cristina H. says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this Thank you!

  4. satsumamoon says:

    The thermal stitch uses a lot mote than the single

  5. I'd like to see what the crocodile and basket weave stitches use–they tend to be very dense.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Great information!

  7. Lisa Hopes says:

    This was very helpful. I want to do a test of my own on extended stitches to see is it cuts the amount of yarn used. It was said in an online class I took that it can build up your swatch in less rows, so we’ll see.


  9. I wonder about half double crochet stitches.

  10. Tina Choate says:

    That was a great video. Interesting

  11. Lia P says:

    Excellent! Thank you!

  12. Oh wow! Very surprising results. Thanks for puttimg this together.

  13. Emmers211 says:

    PLEASE do tunisian crotchet, it’s my new favorite but i’m scared it uses up more yarn

  14. I would have bet money that the single crochet stitch would have taken the least yarn. Unbelievable.
    Thanks. 🤭

  15. exo's vocals says:

    and i was just thinking about doing a sweater with only single crochet lol

  16. Amber says:

    Nice this is something I've always wondered about. Maybe it'll help me guess how much yarn I'll need for certain stitches/projects.

  17. My Mini Bebe says:

    Where does half-double stitch fall?

  18. lila ostrin says:

    At first I was surprised, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

  19. You forgot the greatest yard-eating stitch ever: the single-crochet thermal stitch.
    I made the mistake of trying to use that stitch to make a small blanket once… I ended up bailing out of that project lol.
    I was surprised both by the placement of the corner-to-corner pattern and the moss stitch – I've yet to try either of those though I really like how they look!

  20. Thank you for this! I always said I was gonna experiment but never did. A great tool for crochet 👍😍

  21. Who'd be interested in a part two with more stitches? I'd like to see how front-post/back-post US double crochets measure up.

  22. Kate says:

    i actually thought about this ever since i started crocheting and found a video about it lol
    this is strangely a lot more interesting then it should be

  23. Urvi Gadekar says:

    Thank you soo much for this video !! This is such a helpful one 🙂

  24. subscribed. I love your scientific and straight to the point approach.

  25. Neko Natsumi says:

    This was both amusing and educational, thank you so much!

  26. This is so interesting and useful. I would've sweared that the single crochet would consume less yarn than double crochet! It definitely surprised me a lot. Thank you!

  27. Jackie Keely says:

    I definitely would not have guessed that! Thanks for doing this!

  28. thanks for the short and simple video 🙂 I’m new to crocheting and never expected The single crochet to use up the most. Great video

  29. x3OneOfAKind says:

    Dann, I wanted a dense stich for my first Pullover and used the single crochet. I wondered why it needed so much more yart than the double crochet pattern and now I know. Thanks a lot. That will be a great help with projects in the future!

  30. slylover123 says:

    I'm guessing the puff stitch

  31. That was unexpected! But I guess it makes sense too. Would have loved to see a puff or popcorn or something major like that!

  32. April Michel says:

    Well, now I am curious what would the difference be between double, treble and extended double.
    Some of these are very surprising, like the waffle and shell being tied, and granny being lighter/eating less than both of them.

  33. Grace Car says:

    I REALLY APPRECIATE the way you didn’t clickbait or waffle. I’ll sub!

  34. cozy cas says:

    This really surprised me

  35. Where is the yarn calculator? I went to your website but I cannot find it even by searching. Id love to use it. I have started a large blinket project and it has become significantly more expensive than expected. I'm going to have to start over with a different stich. Thank you!

  36. string x says:

    Awesome information…I never thought that single crochet would need so much of yarn

  37. Jo Anne says:

    This was very interesting, I'm an avid knitter and found crochet so fast vs knitting but always felt the yarn was getting gobbled up way faster.

  38. Andrea_M says:

    Wow! That was surprising! Thank you for this video–I've always wondered which stitches use the most yarn.

  39. Taylor T says:

    This video is super amazing. Thank you!! I have a screenshot of your list at the end that I often reference

  40. Thank you, this video was very helpful. Greatly appreciate it.

  41. Welp, I made an entire blanket with sc and a 3mm hook 😂😂 Good to know for future projects!

  42. Ric D. says:

    This video helped me pick a stitch to use for my next project. Please do another video like this using other stitches. THANK YOU! 😊⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😊

  43. dawn smith says:

    I never would have guessed that 🤔☺

  44. Ivy Silk says:

    Thanks Donna, I never would have thought that the single crochet takes the most amount of yarn, this was very informative, thank you again.

  45. Krista Troke says:

    WOW…I was totally wrong on all my guesses!!