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Waistcoat Crochet Hat Tutorial – Beginner Friendly

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Learn how to crochet this easy hat! The pink one took me less than an hour to make. This utilizes the waistcoat crochet stitch which makes it look like knitting.

The Socials!

Pink yarn is Buttercream Cozy in Pink Multi
White yarn is Big Twist Natural in Winter White

Hook Size – You need to use a hook size that is AT LEAST 2 sizes larger than package recommendation.

Crochet hooks I like:
Yarn needle:
Small Scissors

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  1. Teresa Harp says:

    Great way to bust up the bulky yarn stash! That stitch is great and so much faster than knitting 😄

  2. Eldub Margs says:

    She doesn’t indicate in video or on blog pattern whether she joins after each round, but it doesn’t look like it. Also, a helpful thing to know is that with the first row of waistcoat stitches, it’s the most difficult to find the middle of the Vs in those single crochet stitches. After you done your 1st round of waistcoat, it gets much easier.

  3. Brava 👏 molto bella la cuffia la farò spero 🤞 di farcela un abbraccio da Simona (Italy) ciao 🙋‍♀️

  4. I like it. Hope you are doing well.

  5. Quick hat and nice I would put a Pom Pom on it too beautiful

  6. I totally love it fast and easy that’s my kind of crocheting 🧶🥰❣️💕❤️😍

  7. You look so pretty in this hat. Loved your tutorial 💜

  8. CheriByGrace says:

    I’m going to try this hat but I’m going to stop and slip stitch each round to see if the stitches don’t slant. I’ll come back and post wether it makes a difference or not.
    Great hat and love the stitch! Thanks

  9. I really wish you hadn't sped up the video when you started the second round where you go between the stitches instead of the usual V. It's really hard to see the right way to do this.

  10. Judi C. says:

    I have made four of these cute winter hats for Christmas presents. Thank you so much for this video. I've always struggled with the written patterns required for making crotched items. What a great gift.

  11. Penny Porras says:

    Can I use bernat yarn to make this hat,love it

  12. L Lompa says:

    Do you have any tips for detangling yarn barfs? Im almost done with this hat, and its turning out great, but Ive run into a huge mess and cant seem to undo all these tangles. So frustrating….

  13. kargal07 says:

    I really wanted to make this hat. I just have a question: why was the video sped up so fast where they were? It seemed to me those were the parts showing the important stitches. It certainly made learning more difficult for me. I had to put the playback speed to 0.5 . That was the only weird part. 😔

  14. Snick Erz says:

    I made this hat and I love it! I did make a ribbing rather then the slip stitch boarder and used double strand 4 ply. But Thank -you ! I will be doing a few of these for our local shelter cuz they are wonderfully warm

  15. N S Khanum says:

    Did you work in a continuous circle?? It looks like you just kept going without finishing every row.. Love the design.. Definitely making it for myself..

  16. pipasi miao says:

    Wow ! so beautiful 💕

  17. This one is super easy i already made 1 and one more to go…
    Thank you for your effort… ♥

  18. Beautiful hat, may the Lord Bless you.🙏

  19. Knit One says:

    ❤️❤️ the. Video. I enjoy quick and simple one skein projects. But what yarn is the grey hat made with?
    . And brand is the cream?. 🧶🧶🧶 yarn link tools you to a different item on amazon 😢😢

  20. Love the hat and tutorial. Will definitely try it with my bulky weight yarn. Thanks so much!

  21. Love it great job 👌 God bless you and your family always 💕 Thank you ❤️

  22. Very beautiful video,two months ago I received the wonderful one from

  23. Di Klee says:

    super cute hat. I used the same yarn (big twist) and did not make it through the entire thing… this pattern has been worked to exact use of the entire skein. lol

  24. Amy Mac says:

    Thank you for sharing your talents, Melanie! I am so excited to make this hat today while watching your tutorial. How fun!

  25. Karen Green says:

    Hello Melanie! So good to see you back with your easy to follow tutorials. Loving this hat and am already ordering more yarn to make one for my daughters. Very happy to have you back. You take good care of you and stay safe xx