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Tunisian Honeycomb Crochet Stitch

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In this tutorial I show you how to crochet the Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch. A blend of simple stitches and purl stitches. Work to any unit of numbers.


All my Tunisian crochet tutorials:

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  1. Hi. I tried purl stitch in my 6mm knitting needle. I get the purl stitch for only 2rows. In my 3rd row I get normal knit stitches. I don't know where I go wrong. In using knitting needle am not able to get continue of purl stitches. Help me to learn.

  2. Quraku says:

    i just clicked the video cuz it looked cool

  3. RedPandaZ says:

    tip: don't try this with thick yarn like i did XD

  4. TheNadoooshy says:

    Very short and informative. Thank you sooo much from someone who never done Tunisian crochet 🧶🙏🏽💕

  5. Hello. Always a pleasure to watch your tutorials. I have a question: i'm thinking of crochet a granny stitch poncho. The peson is 5 feet tall and 7inches. Also a little broad on the shoulders. My question is this : wha size hook should i use? How many chains the inly yarn i have is for 5.5mm hook. To make it large, how many chains woyld i have to do if im using a 5.5mm hook? Im stressing over this litte matter.😔😔 any advice, will suely be appreciated. Thank you.

  6. I can't crochet to save my life but I can knit, I've tried Tunisian before with no luck but this made so much sense to me.

  7. Jana Bichara says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. You explain this so well and I could listen to your accent all day 🥰

  8. I really like this technique. Thank you so much for reaching. Is it possible to make anything wider than the length of the hook? What do you use this style of crocheting for? Thank you ❤️

  9. Wow, I've never done Tunisian crochet before. I do love to crochet though, and know how to knit at a very basic level. This looks like it would be a fun project to try! Gotta figure out how to fix mistakes though first incase I make any 😅

  10. Lenox Bean says:

    So are we not working in the back bumps for this one specifically, or does it not particularly matter?

  11. J Park says:

    I’m new to your channel! By far, you are the best instructor I’ve seen for crochet! Thank you!😊this is so pretty!

  12. I've never been able to do Tunisian. It has always kicked my butt. After this, I'm tempted to try again. I mean, I can knit and crochet and Tunisian seems to be a hybrid of both. Now I have to order Tunisian hooks. sigh

    I need to start selling my projects so I can afford NEW projects.

  13. HeidiBidels says:

    Does this work with an odd number of starting chains?

  14. Shobha Kumar says:

    Am definitely trying this 👍

  15. Hi, i was wondering, how do you tie it off once you reach the desired length?

  16. Thank you so much for all the lovely patterns and tutorials. There are so many I have yet to try but I really appreciate all the work you have gone to to help us out with new patterns.

  17. Thank you. Your explanation is so neat like your knitting. I am trying it right now.

  18. Cris Aquin says:

    Very easy to do while warching.. so hard when doing it the actual way🤪but thanks to you. I will make it perfectly perfect as i go on🌹🌹🌹🌹

  19. Nad Ma says:

    Amazing so beautiful

  20. Misheru GP says:

    Why does crocheting look super easy when someone else does it then I try and I feel like I'm a 3rd grader doing advanced nuclear physics. 🤔

  21. Brillant thank you!!!!!!

  22. Guys its easy! Just watch her previous videos! I made a honeycomb stich bucket hat!

  23. I thought this would be harder! This is way easier than I thought! Now I know a cool easy Tunisian stitch!

  24. jo vaughn says:

    Lovely clear instructions. I can’t understand why anyone has down voted this?

  25. Zeineb Larbi says:

    It's made in my homeland I'm Tunisian my grandma used to do crochet

  26. Shin CA says:

    It looks fun and interesting, but tedious as well. I hope to get to that point of working on such a project. For now, I am looking for a good and easy pattern for a hoodie sweater for a female of a high school size, but more of a size one or two.

  27. from space says:

    Wow I will be trying this, thank you for the tutorial! 🙂 It looks so differen than the usual crochet stitches 🙂

  28. I like this. Can it be integrated into basic stitches in a beanie?

  29. Enolia says:

    Love this crochet stitch so easy and so effective for a beginner.
    And when learning to teach myself crochet , found this video by Happyberry so brilliant. No music, no gabbing in between or over explaining she takes it very slowly to allow your brain to absorb the process.
    I so grandmother crocheted and had her work in a museum, sadly she did try to teach me as a child but sadly her hands would go so quick I could not take things in.
    I think she would be so proud to know I was carrying on this beautiful skill / artistry .
    So now can knit like Mum and crochet as Nan did even as a novice, thank you do much happy berry.

  30. Marissa Ann says:

    i’ve been wanting to make a blanket out of this pattern and was wondering what counts as a row or not when ideally going for a 20×20 blanket square. Like do the reverse stitches and your starting rows count into the 20? Much thanks to anyone who can answer!!

  31. Judy Hoffman says:

    I hope I can follow the pattern. The video keeps cutting out. You make it look do easy. Thanks

  32. I’m sooo delighted to see this length of crochet needle for when you need to work with a lot of stitches. Hope I can find this length in South Africa.

  33. Yan Ouyang says:

    will this amazing stitch work in rounds

  34. melissawm says:

    Very nice explanation, thank you!

  35. So well explained thanks!!!

  36. Sandra Jones says:

    I just want you to know that I am a new learner and you have lent me something great thank you very much I think it is quite easy to lose weight quickly because you are rather slow and show us how to do it thank you

  37. Thank you so much!! Just swatch it and its so much fun to do!! very well explained eqsy to understand 😉

  38. Schade,ich kann kein Englisch

  39. I will use it for the cuffs for my
    puffy sweater