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Thanks for 1,196 subs and for watching ❤

Music: have yourself a merry little christmas
Musician: Rook1e

please follow me on my crochet Instagram page : soma_crochets


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  1. YiAn Wu says:

    Anyone watching this vid while crocheting at the same time? 😂

  2. How? Like is there a website? like bro i wanna do these but idk howww

  3. One one:

    The only thing I can crochet: LINE 🥲

  4. M fashion says:

    لو سمحت يا بنات ممكن تشتركوا في القناة بتاعتي

  5. Bianca Renee says:


  6. 1:11 does anyone know what kind of yarn that is??

  7. Crochet tiktok: what should we do?
    Bees, bucket hats and tops: exsist
    Crochet tiktok:

  8. Brianna says:

    i used to crochet when i was really little and somehow i just stopped but seeing this makes me wanna get back into it 🙁

  9. Mr. Floofers says:

    It's insane that you can make a tiny bee or a life size thanos with just a really long piece of string

  10. Drink Bleach says:

    6:44 just a reminder to myself 😄 and 0:53 how could I forget 1:41

  11. That reindeer bee I thought those antlers were something else…

  12. Green Eridan says:

    The girl that recycled plastic : Just woaw.

  13. Mia Patel says:

    Me watching crochet vids and I’m knitting

  14. Nalia Wolfie says:

    TikTok crochet bee compilation 😂♥️

  15. Ого мальчики вяжут

  16. Biitchykawa says:

    Why am I watching this? I can’t crochet for the life of me

  17. Reni Marie says:

    3:11 what yarn is this and where do i find it???

  18. Professor GP says:

    me sending my mom to buy me some yarn: i want the thicc and chonky yarn

    mom comes back with bulky yarn

    me:ok then that will work

  19. Crochet tiktok: I’m going to make something
    Bees: exist
    Crochet tiktoc: yes

  20. I really want the Christmas bee with the hat and the one with the antlers!! It’s so pretty!

  21. 1:47 please, gib me tiktok that girl🌧️

  22. érica Silva says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t get these bees? Like they are so useless, don’t get why they so popular

  23. érica Silva says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t get these bees? Like they useless, don’t get why they so popular

  24. h i says:

    I'm working on a pink imposter :3 so far I've got one foot ;w;

  25. Me: have to crochet a raccoon for my bf in the next 4 days!
    Also me : watching crochet tiktok.

  26. Where does one find the bee pattern.

  27. hajar hajar says:

    Women’s Poncho Cape, Ladies Batwing Funnel Neck Lightweight Stylish Coat

  28. Omg aww thank you for putting 6 of my videos in here🥺

  29. Pls support my channel I make crochet video too 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    And god bless u and ur family

  30. Karie Jo says:

    New sub!! Love all these ideas!! Merry Christmas!!

  31. Elinize sağlık harika oldu 👍🌹👍👍👍🌹👍👈

  32. I want the Christmas bee so bad!

  33. Madison says:

    at 6:14 does anyone know what that yarn is called? I love it and want to recreate that sweater!!!