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SIMPLE Crochet Cardigan Tutorial | DIY

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Hi guys!!
Welcome back for a new video! I hope you enjoyed this one, and if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below!

Necklace by @avawhitejewellery on insta!

Yarn I used (I used the shade Bisque) :

Here is the link to my basic stitches video!

Music by Carter Vail – Melatonin –
Music by HOAX – Grow –
Music by Gil Wanders – Dreams –

Insta: @emmanicph
Buisness Enquiries only:

Thanks again guys!!
Love Emma x

#crochet #cardigan #diy


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  1. hannah lam says:

    made this for myself but thought i would share LOL thanks emma for the awesome tutorial!!
    0:00 intro
    1:46 sizing notes
    2:24 materials
    3:02 ribbing tutorial (BLO HDC)
    7:50 ribbing measurements
    8:09 front panel (6 in. normal rows)
    10:20 decrease tutorial (decrease every other row)
    12:53 front panel shoulder part
    13:40 front panel overview
    13:59 back panel
    15:45 back panel overview and stitch markers
    16:22 back panel shoulder part
    17:43 back panel final overview
    17:55 sleeves
    19:08 sleeve increase tutorial
    20:34 sleeve measurements
    21:25 sleeve overview
    21:58 stitchin it together 😀
    25:21 attaching the sleeves
    30:03 trim
    31:08 button placement
    31:33 button holes
    33:35 sewing buttons on
    33:57 all done! 😀

  2. Lea Hannah says:

    The color doesn't matter, it turn out beautiful!!!

  3. Lea Hannah says:

    The color doesn't matter, it turn out beautiful!!!

  4. Love your videos! And would love it even more if you would include cm (as well as inches) in your videos😇 it would save a lot of us European followers a lot of time. Thank you for great videos

  5. teacup says:

    i actually love the brown sleeve lol

  6. Sarah Kim says:

    Will I be able to do this? 😭 I’m too scared to start, I can’t even finish my beanie😭 I kept on messing up

  7. anjieeart says:

    I thought the brown sleeve was a fashion thing 🤣

  8. Raggy m says:

    i just finished my cardigan and i love it! great tutorial :))

  9. Minn Claire says:

    may i know whats your measurements for this?

  10. Maryam Khan says:

    Just found your channel the other day and I LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to start making some pieces of my own!!

  11. MrsNoji says:

    I love this brown part tho!

  12. is this beginner friendly ?? ;DD

  13. Gbayb says:

    Pleaseeee do the “nanu top” 🤞🏼🤞🏼

  14. Hey Emma! How do I make the exact one but bigger like for my granny size?

  15. Sona Shine says:

    Hey Emma! I just wanted to say that I love this tutorial and I started crocheting this winter break! It's so simple and fun, but the sleeve increasing part was kind of confusing. Do you increase on both sides every single row, or do you increase on both sides every other row? Thank you so much!!!

  16. thank you soo much for this tutorial. You made it all look soo easy . LOVE IT❤

  17. I made this cardigan for me & it turned out really well & I’m loving it🤍 but there’s one problem that the shoulder part keeps falling down & I don’t know how to fix it. So I decide to make a new one & can you give me advice on how I should do my shoulder part not falling down

  18. Ragheed s says:

    what size is the red hook, please

  19. It’s very cute! I’d love to make it a bit longer!!

  20. Rebecca P says:

    This is a fantastic tutorial! I bought a lovely knitted vintage cardigan recently, and I love it to pieces. And now I want more and more cardigans, but they're a bit costly, so I was overjoyed when I found your tutorial. You're instructions are clearest and easiest to follow! Thank you so much for the work you put into this! ☺ By the way, your voice is absolutely lovely! You would be perfect for reading audiobooks!

  21. Me having like 1000 million projects and then im like ok lets finish this 1000 million projects me starting a nother one 👁👄👁

  22. Hi

    I absolute love this cardigan! I am just picking my colours and starting it tomorrow.. can I just ask how many inches was the back band? As I think your size looks a perfect fit xx

  23. I’m really struggling on the back panel because I always measure out the ribbing to be the width of my back but when I start crocheting over that it either decreases or increases in size even though I never increased or decreased

  24. Nur Asyira says:

    how many yarn does it take to make a cardigan?

  25. 10:16 by 6 inches do you mean 6 inches in total or 6 inches without the cuff at the bottom?

  26. Regina Grb says:

    In Minute 12:06: are you leaving the last hole out? Hope you understand what I mean. Because I did every hole and I did not have stairs, I did have a “line”

  27. Esther Kim says:

    Love the video!! Is the back panel 14 inches in height including the ribbing without the shoulder bits?

  28. AlissaSimmer says:

    I made it it took 4 week lol and my shoulders didn't fit probably i miscalculated but it looks amazing. Love it, Emma! Keep going crochet <3

  29. awkwardpau says:

    Hello, would it be possible to use weight 3 yarn instead?

  30. would doing a single crochet rib affect the pattern?

  31. Amara Nwosu says:

    I just wanted to ask, what camera do you use? The quality is so good! I really hope you reply! (You don’t have too) 🙂 😀

  32. Noreen Ali says:

    Hi after you make your ribbing and switch direction do you not continue with back loop half double crochets that you showed around 7:19?? I’m confused because it shows you pulling the entire switch in instead of just the back loop for the different stripes direction parts😖 I’m a little confused and I just finished my two front panels with all back loop half double crochets

  33. Anna says:

    Is this a good first crochet project or would it be better to do some smaller projects first? I really want to make this cardigan but i literally only crocheted only a little patch for the first time this week😅

  34. Hello, thanks for the tutorial. I just subscribed to your channel. Is there a way I can make the sleeves shorter? I want them to go just above my elbows…kinda like a t shirt fit. Thanks in advance. Stay Safe! Respect

  35. brielle says:

    just made this!!! it's beautiful 🥺 ty for the tutorial

  36. I’m here for the brown sleeve! I actually want to do a color block version of this cardigan!

  37. Mahiyat Alam says:

    omgg it's so cute🥺

  38. Yoinky Doink says:

    How much yarn did u need?

  39. Viqui Sar says:

    So cuute. Emma have you've seen those cute crochet corsets on instagram and pinterest? I'd love if you'd make a tutorial for those cause I can't find any good patterns and your tutorials are always so clear! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  40. nadine says:

    im doing this cardigan right now, and I wanted to say how much I love your tutorials! Yours are definitely the best you can find on YouTube 🙂

  41. Abee says:

    hey, i want to use a treble stitch, can i still follow this tutorial?

  42. emmanuella says:

    how much yarn do you use for this all together ?

  43. Victoria N says:

    This is so helpful ❤️

  44. ameryrose143 says:

    ill b honestly im kinda digging the brown sleeve

  45. Eleanor F says:

    that color is BOMB on you

  46. Salya khr says:

    how many days did it take you???
    I love your videos love from Germany❤️❤️