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i finally crochet the harry styles cardigan // chunky crochet patchwork cardigan

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➢ the JW Anderson knitting pattern for the cardigan:
(if this link doesn’t work, try this and click on the download link on their site!:
➢ JW Anderson knitting tutorial (also used this as a reference):

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☆ intro: Setup & Materials (00:00)
☆ part 1: The Patches (1:23) *the longest part lol
☆ part 2: Ribbing (13:44)
☆ part 3: The Patch-Up (16:08)
☆ part 4: Joining the Panels (18:30)
☆ part 5: Attach the Ribbing (19:43)
☆ part 6: The Button Band (20:47)
☆ part 7: The Collar (24:07)
☆ bonus: The Shrink (26:03)

– J/10 6 mm crochet hook
– darning needle
– 6 buttons
– red heart medium worsted acrylic yarn (198 grams=1 skein): burgundy (3 skeins), black (2 skeins), carrot (1 skein), paddy green (1 skein)
– i used lion brand for the yellow and blue yarn, but i had trouble finding the actual colors i used, so here are red heart colored yarns that are really close: red heart – lemon (1 skein), pool (1 skein)

Making this cardigan and this video is the longest I’ve ever spent on a video, along with the many complications of editing, but I finally present to you my attempt of creating the iconic Harry Styles JW Anderson cardigan. Split into seven parts, I show you how I crochet the patches, join them together, create panels, and add on finishing touches such as ribbing and the collar. I used the knitting pattern released by JW Anderson as a guide, but the majority of this cardigan is just me winging it. And despite my neutral and b&w color scheme that I follow through religiously, it exceeded my expectations and happens to be my favorite funky, chunky cardigan I own.

♪ music used:
ninjoi. – Nishi –
frumhere, kevatta – warm feeling –
ninjoi. – Passin [Thematic Exclusive] –
Mark Generous – Morning Commute –
ninjoi. – I Don’t Want Your Love –
frumhere, kevatta – almost blue –
Beats by Egomi – Purple Skies –
TrigNO – Touch & Roll –
ninjoi. – Sakana –

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  1. kirrilalia says:

    a lot of ya'll have been asking what colors of yarn and how much yarn i used, so i just included all that and any other materials i used in the description box!

  2. The mampack says:

    You did so well! ❤👏

  3. Addison L. says:

    Inferior knitting stitches?! Lol the first time I tried to crochet I knew it wasn’t for me. I picked up knitting immediately and fell in love!

  4. I don't even know who Harry Styles is, but I do like the crochet sweaters people have been making so I might make one too


  6. Jasmine says:

    this video is amazing, you are a legend. not only is this video sooo beautiful, you explain things so well! I'm excited to get started!! thanks for this video

  7. Jazz Starr says:

    I just have to thank you! Ive been trying to crochet for so many years . i saw youe video and boom i made the sweater and now i cant stop!!!💜💜

  8. Tammy Abel says:

    Hi. You have made me feel so confident about being able to make and finish this project, great job well done. I will be watching.

  9. Dolokaa says:

    This a loooot of work but it worth the pain ! You're talented (and funny too), congrats !!!

  10. malak's Art says:


    But can you please tell me how many inches was the length of the cardigan like how tall is it??

  11. Emma Zee says:

    How much yarn did you use this whole cardigan?

  12. Jordan West says:

    This is a great tutorial! I was wondering how many squares/rectangles of each color you made?

  13. Thank you sooo so much. This is the easiest tutorial for me. Your tutorial is very easy to try. Love it❤️😉

  14. Sylvia says:

    I’m so happy you went over how to join panels because when I first made mine it kept falling apart

  15. Dionne says:

    this is the best crocheting video ever

  16. Girl it doesn’t even matter how long it took you, cause it’s a regular sweater people just love a lot, I’m crocheting this sweater as well and not cause it’s a trend… i can see myself wearing it all the time😍

  17. grace platt says:

    Did you only use one skein of each color?


    btw if anyone sees this could I use a 5.5mm hook instead of a 6mm? 😭

  19. i sadly am not a Harry Styles fan but this is the avsolute most amazing cardigan and prolly the best video ive seen for this soooooo imma go buy some more yarn tomorrow.

  20. Zohar Biran says:

    Thank you so much, this is the best tutorial I've ever seen

  21. I really like it👍👍👍

  22. gurlieeee this is such a cute video! its so easy to understand! i recently just got into crochets…wish me luck!

  23. How tall are you for reference? Btw love the end result def gonna try it out😌😌

  24. How much did all the yarn cost you?

  25. PettyLePew says:

    hi. love this. Around what size is this ? How could I make bigger or smaller if necessary

  26. Lili Wolfe says:

    Hi! I wonder if we're supposed to chain one more and more of the number indicate before starting the first row or if it's already included. example: for the red square, it is indicated 14 chain so did we start the row now so it's gonna make 13 chain at the end of the first row or we chain one more before start the row so at the end of the first row it's gonna make 14 chain. sorry for the long text and for my bad english

  27. Laura Nass says:

    Hi! Im Dutch and I am not really sure how much yarn you used? Do you maybe have a number of grams per color or something? Thanks a lot!!

  28. I love how her channel is full of aesthetics 🌌

  29. this is SUCH a detailed tutorial i loved it so much but you would you mind explaining how to attach the sleeves? i don’t understand how you messed up, what should i not do?

  30. Hi! I just wanted to know what weight of yarn did you use???

  31. This is the best tutorial for this cardigan!!! Thank you I love it so much

  32. M A U I says:

    Hiii there! Can I ask how many grams is the yarn? since you used 6mm crochet hook 🙂 because I want to make this as my next crochet project hopefully since I am just a beginner. This video helps me though. Thank you so much <3. btw, new sub here, I hope you reply hihi

  33. To be honest, yours is the prettiest of all over YouTube ( maybe because you were the only one to made it in full length)

  34. Minh Le says:

    WOW THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST TUTORIAL IVE SEEN! I’m a new crochet fanatic and this made me want to make the cardigan so bad! This is amazing!! Also I love your editing and voice !!

  35. Lucia Vera says:

    hiii , sorry to bother but how many quares did you do of each color ??

  36. Ry Nicole says:

    how’d you join the patches? 😭

  37. leapd17 says:

    I'm going to make this and tag you on insta in like 3 months when its done haha

  38. zehra zaidi says:

    i absolutely love this! you did such a good job at explaining i’m actually using this video as a reference

  39. I love you sm this is the best vid