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How To Crochet Easy One Piece Slippers

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Today we will make easiest slippers. Beginners, these slippers are for you 🙂

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Hello to everyone. On my channel you can find easy crocheting models, crocheting tutorials. I will share with you; blanket models, shawl models, cardigans / vest models, dress and skirt models, hat and beret models and slippers/ booties models.

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How To Crochet Easy One Piece Slippers


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  1. I love ❤️ the slippers xx 😘

  2. I love ❤️ your cats I have 4 and ones a kitten she won’t leave me alone there all lovely cats but they pinch my wool sometimes xx 😘

  3. Thankyou Sirin, I will add these cute slippers to my growing must do project List!

  4. Jean Breslin says:

    Love your videos I got my answer by reading your comments

  5. Karin Murati says:

    Beautiful slippers, Sirin. And so easy to make. Thank you for showing us how to crochet them. ♥


  7. How cute i will try it with a yarn i have that will look perfect thanks 😊

  8. Sirin. – you are the most awesome crocheted I have seen.!

  9. kristy losey says:

    What is the size of crochet hook on us terms?

  10. Amanda H says:

    Thank you for this slipper pattern Sirin they look adorable I can’t wait to make a pair 😊Amanda xx💕

  11. anushka pany says:

    Wow nice thank you for the pattern ❤❤❤❤😊😊

  12. Such a beautiful cat. 💖💖💖

  13. Nice sharing 👍🏻
    Looks great ❤️
    Thanks for sharing ❤️

  14. Margie L says:

    Awesome gonna have to make these 👍 thank you for sharing

  15. Morning Sirin.
    Please advise, if we want to make bigger size should we use same size yarn with bigger crochet hook?

  16. Wow lovely dear .it seem so easy

  17. adela Coburn says:

    Cute!! I've been needing some new slippers and these are quick and easy…THANK YOU <3

  18. Becky Irvin says:

    Excellent instructions!

  19. mom Woodard says:

    Very beautiful slippers

  20. mom Woodard says:

    Kids sizes ? In the US size

  21. Kathy Smith says:

    Is there a pattern written that has different sizes? My feet is big and these wouldn't fit

  22. Cindy Kusek says:

    What might be the multiples if you want to make them bigger

  23. Beautiful slippers, is there a written pattern for this?

  24. CRAFT D GIRL says:

    These are super easy thanks💯😀👍💓

  25. The1_ Grammy says:

    This will work for my Granddaughter❣️ Thank you ‼️

  26. Thank you for this tutorial! It’s great and easy to follow!!🧶😊