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How to Crochet a Sweater – Weekend Snuggle Sweater Tutorial

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The Weekend Snuggle Sweater is the ultimate lounge sweater! Cosy, slouchy and comfy to wear, this easy crochet pullover is perfect for lazy weekends and long enough to wear over leggings. This sweater is crocheted in 4 panels – front, back and 2 sleeves and only uses 2 different stitches throughout the entire pattern – single crochet and single crochet two together!

SIZES: XS(S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)


Free crochet pattern –

Yarn – We Crochet Gloss DK:
6mm Clover Crochet Hook:
Clover Bent Tip Tapestry Needle:
Clover Stitch Markers:

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  1. tammy gurke says:

    I am starting this Tonight. I am looking at the pattern and having a hard time following it. Any easy tips? And how do I know when I am at row 73? Any help is appreciated.

  2. Teewhy Adoti says:

    Your instructions so so easy to follow 👍👍👍❤. Thanks for sharing 🙏

  3. saray. mo says:

    It's really nice but ,how many yarn you used?

  4. Love everything about this sweater !!!

  5. Swagata Bose says:

    How many chain for L size swater?

  6. naughty bee says:

    I’m having a problem with mine
    The brim of the back I made 52 rows
    When I tried doing same for the front the 52nd row came out longer than the back

  7. How many skeins/yards of yarn do you need for a medium size? I'd love to make this but I don't want to get to little or way to much… Thank you!!

  8. jessa delix says:

    I thought DK yarn is normally used with a 4mm crochet hook rather than a 6. Am I getting it wrong? Or have you purposefully gone up a few sizes to get a looser stitch? 🙂 newbie here so I don’t understand it! Thanks to anyone who can answer my question xx

  9. CRIS NEIN says:

    I'm almost finished and decide I want to make the sleeves longer after line 54 how would I process???

  10. susan holden says:

    I made this for my 🤰 pregnant daughter…she loves it 😁😁😁😁 it is beautiful 🥰❤️🥰

  11. Hannah Leung says:

    What is the pattern for plus size (3XL)? I really wanna make one and kinda show it off that I made my own clothes.

  12. Sahar Abdo says:

    Thank,s alot l made this sweater it,s amazing
    Please how to make a men,s crochet V -neck sweater

  13. Cat Lover says:

    After 3 days of making this i don't know where i mess up 😑

  14. Kraftzie says:

    What do you recommend for the brand of the yarn? Thanks.

  15. Dany N B says:

    Hello! I'm curious about something. Is there a specific reason why you're using a J hook when WeCrochet recommends an I hook for the Gloss DK Yarn?

    Also, do you think I could add a pocket? Like the one on your Dreamer Sweater? Thank you! I'm planning on making this soon.

  16. I finished it today yay!! Thanks a lot! Great tutorial, even though I am a beginner, it was easy to follow.

  17. This is such a beautiful sweater!💝💝💝 can I make this for a man? And also can I make short sleeve instead of long sleeve .

  18. Sofia Blakey says:

    Nice tutorial for this sweater

  19. How would you know your size like would you wrap it around your body or….

  20. Cynthia F says:

    Super beginner here. I just finished following along! Mine came out looking a little different than yours on me but it looks great. The hardest part for me was the sleeves and making sure I had the right patterns for each row as well as the amount of stitches. I saw another viewer had longer arms too and you suggested repeating Rows 2-4 so I did that and I love how it came out. I'm so proud that I tried this. Thank you for the amazing tutorial!

  21. When she started stiching that fast at the begining, I thought the video was fast forwarded. I swear am even slower than a turtle 🤡😭

  22. I am such a beginner. I have just finished the back panel but cannot tell which side is the right side. Is there an easy way to tell? Any help would be so appreciated. Love.

  23. cate cate says:

    Can u please tell me how many starches for each size XL 2XL and 3XL please and thank you

  24. musicrase66 says:

    I would love to crochet this sweater! But I’m not gonna lie, the cost of all the skeins of yarn I would have to buy just to make this sweater pains me a little 😅

  25. Liya says:

    This is not easy! This is not for beginners! I just wanted to make a sweater for my grandma as a Christmas, gift not work at NASA!

  26. Sarita Yadav says:

    This is the best video for beginners that I found on YouTube …….you did a great job

  27. Cowgirl126 0 says:

    Why is my stitches reducing after each row?. I am not losing any stitches on my hook.. i want to make this work but everytime that i work on the 80 rows, it is happening..

  28. Anita Many says:

    Ugh no lol to much work lol but it’s beautiful . I’m to lazy to do all that

  29. Diane Plug says:

    Hi, love this sweater..cannot find your blog for different sizes, thank you..

  30. After stitching together do you turn it inside out?

  31. C Miller says:

    When you chain one, skip one, then single crochet into the next stitch, are you always going into a single crochet from the previous row? I’m a confident/advanced beginner; this will be my first garment for myself, but I’ve done some little baby clothing.

  32. Anna Rahiman says:

    How much wool do I need for a size 12 please.

  33. Bony Mahfouz says:

    Actually I like it and the stared working on it
    But my problem , I mistaken the sizes , as my size can be M or L
    I want to know how to increase in each piece ☹️

  34. It turned out beautiful. BUT I MADE THE WRONG SIZE😫

  35. Thank you for a great and easy to follow pattern. It’s a great stash-buster-project. Will do a turtleneck version though, as it’s supposed to be used in the stable/ for horseriding in the winter.

  36. I just love your voice

  37. Sueños Sh says:

    Could you add arabic translation please ??
    And thanks a lot💕💕💗💗💗💗

  38. Willow Tree says:

    Is this ok for beginners, or will i have an emotional breakdown?