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how much did I crochet in 2020?

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Hello beautiful people!
Happy new years eve! I can’t believe we made it to the end of 2020 but here we are. I hope you enjoy this little recap of all that I have done in a year, and I am so excited for 2021’s projects 🙂
Thank you for all the love and support you have given me in 2020. I wouldn’t be anywhere without you all! 🙂
I love you all so so so much, and thank you for watching todays video 🥰
Make sure to like and subscribe for some more good vibes, and I will see you all next week with a brand new video💛

MYSM – Honeymoon At The Holiday Inn –
Lukrembo – Branch
Lukrembo – Morning
Goosetaf – Bumblebee –
Gil Wanders – Waves –

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  1. Denn SK says:

    Content suggestion crochet a trendy top insipired by SHIEN brand design plsssssss they hve so many trendy crochet tops

  2. are u wearing a folklore cardigan??? omg

  3. aspin says:

    I made a really bad scarf that I probably should redo and started to make a light little jacket but I realized that I messed it up and have never went back to fix and finish it 😆

  4. Jacky Nesh says:

    My grandma taught me how to crochet and I’m so glad she did #love u grandma 😘

  5. you inspired me to make myself a harry styles sweater! however, unlike you who finished it in less than a week (crazy!!!), i have still yet to finish mine :/

  6. Can u pretty please make the gloves harry wore in the golden music video there's a tutorial but it's in spanish i think

  7. b1is says:

    i was looking at the clock the whole time

  8. Annelie Owen says:

    Hi Anna, I just started learning how to crochet. 🧶🪡 (I am certainly just a beginner, still learning basic stitches). I just found your videos & really enjoy watching you make all these crochet projects. I loved your bees 🐝 & Christmas stocking. So adorable! Look forward to watching many more of your videos. Take care & stay safe. 💜

  9. no caffein says:

    did you make your taylor cardigan by yourself? i need some tutorial

  10. Imagine finishing projects lmao could not be me

  11. Not me watching this while crocheting😃

  12. Watching your videos has really helped me learn how to crochet and I spent about R600 ($40) on crochet and I’m proud of myself

  13. Claim your hear before 1mil subs ticket here (Anna’s gonna go viral soon)

  14. I can’t find the link for the Emma girls YouTube pattern channel

  15. Vania Pudji says:

    In my country the yarn is a bit expensive, so I've only did 1 project and it wasn't finish yet😐

  16. Sandra Rice says:

    I crocheted face mask, scarfs, and blankets in year 2020.. alot of adult mask and kids mask. About 20 scarfs and 2 or 3 blankets…. I love crocheting….

  17. I crochet a baby yoda , a massive elephant teddy, a duck, a few squares, a donut, a moschino bear, a bee and more lol 😀

  18. Cierra Haros says:

    the third harry sweater 😍

  19. Sara Johnson says:

    You are so beautiful wow

  20. Tabi Wilson says:

    I started in like the end of November and I’ve crocheted a purse for my little sister, a bag to store plastic bags in, paw coasters, a bunch of scrunchies with fluffy yarn, a small among us character, a bucket hat, a jelly fish, a tiny steak keychain, a hat for a cat, and a big unicorn (in the shape of a bee) with fluffy yarn. My family calls me a grandma at the age of 16😂😂

  21. Xanthe says:

    I made an amigurmi avocado, 2 owls, a penguin, a reindeer and a little purse!

  22. what yarn do you use??:D

  23. Andi Kelley says:

    40 is a lot! I knit, and I think I finished about 11 things this year……

  24. Anna!! A word from Brazil 🙋‍♀️ Your channel is unique, really is more than just crochet for me, cause when i'm watching your videos i feel so good with myself and i don't even understand every word you say cause my english is based on school lol. Anyway, happy 2021 and great job!!!

  25. Gray Lopez says:

    I have the same build a bear and I think one of my first projects is gonna be making her a tiny sweater

  26. Patty Wood says:

    OMG I need to make that little purse… Whose channel did you say that was from?

  27. Temi Olalere says:

    Could you take us yarn shopping with you?

  28. m1lkybeår says:

    I'm late on the trend but I'm starting the harry styles cardigan soon

  29. Bucket hats my new obsession

  30. Mack says:

    all I made this year was a scarf and 3 shoulder purses. I didn't start until November though lol

  31. me, watching anna show off her amazing crochet projects while I crochet a blanket:

  32. Lets all take a moment to appreciate the sweetest speech she did at the end of the video! 🙂

  33. I am currently working on a blanket but I have made a lot of things in 2020

  34. I made a bunch of baby Yodas (small and large), some trendy bees, lab puppy, Frida heads, a cardigan, a roblox custom character, 2 LOL dolls, 1 custom doll, doll of Daenerys, small Joker doll, a 10th doctor doll, hello kitty, a MLP plush, aaaand some more i can't remember 🤷🏻‍♀️ it was a slow year cuz of college.

  35. Yooooo can you drop the Rita’s ice pattern pls I wanna make that so bad lmao

  36. Try loom knitting and more crochet I've been loom knitting a tone!

  37. Elle Styles says:

    I started crocheting towards the end of October and my first project was the harry styles cardigan it was a very rough journey but i finished before Christmas and it looks so good i will definitely keep crocheting

  38. Otaku.Weeb says:

    I’m honestly tempted to start a crochet YouTube channel in this next year. If I do, would you or anyone else who has a channel would like to collaborate on something?

  39. Hannah Rose says:

    I finished the Harry styles cardigan ( and a mini one for my cat),3 tops, 2 bags, and a few plushies!

  40. If you wanna try something new you can try tunisan crochet I personally haven’t tried it yet but it seems pretty cool :3

  41. Not crochet related, but I picked up knitting this October! I managed to make two scarves, a hat, a pair of mittens, and I’m working my way through a second hat now!

  42. Lieke says:

    Could you make a video with tips for beginner crocheting?

  43. Lilliana says:

    please try knitting!!

  44. I made a Harry Styles/ JW Anderson cardigan, three worms, three bees and one sock so far (the other one will hopefully be done soon) soo 💕😌

  45. Soph- a-loaf says:

    My first project was also in 2020 but I learned how to chain when I was like six…but this year I managed to make (since September) a sweater and a half, among us characters, a lot of bumblebees, a coaster, and a stocking following the same tutorial as you! I love to crochet ty for being a great entertainment platform for my Louis Partridge and crochet filled mind 🙂

  46. Fiona says:

    I started crocheting near Halloween and went on a bit of a frenzy 😅, so from the top of my head I've done 3 mini pumpkins, 2 snowmen, a rudolph, a penguin, many mug cozies, a bunny, a mini gingerbread house that light up (i put an electric candle in it), smiley ball things, a polar bear, a candy cane, two wreaths, ornaments, granny squares and some animals that i haven't finished. I think it looks like more because they're smaller projects and I had been in contact with a positive case so i had to isolate and crochet kept me busy. I think my next projects will be easter and spring themed because its my favourite time of year 🤗