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how much can I crochet in one day: the redemption

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Hello beautiful people!
I thought it was about time to redeem myself from my last attempt to crochet all day. And I definitely think I did! But maybe, sometime soon, we will have to see how much I can get done from the moment I wake up till the moment I go to sleep. Let me know what you want to see!
I love you all so so so much, and thank you for watching todays video 🥰
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What I Used:
Sweater Yarn (shades light rose, creme, white, camel, and black):
5 mm hook:
Blanket yarn for the bee (shades sunsoaked, coal, and vintage white):
8 mm hook:
Granny square yarn (shades dusty blue, ice, and white):

MYSM – Honeymoon At The Holiday Inn –
Lukrembo – Branch
Lukrembo – Morning
Mike Casey – Cold Blooded Blues (Burbank Remix) –
Goosetaf – Bumblebee –
Linanthem – mea culpa –
frumhere, kevatta – warm feeling –
ninjoi. – Passin [Thematic Exclusive] –
Clueless Kit – right –
Gil Wanders – Waves –

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  1. im very impressed that you did that bee in so little time! this was a lovely video to watch/listen to while working on a scarf

  2. What is the difference between crotchet and knitting ???

  3. Soz Tos says:

    Yes!! Please do this again!!

  4. abby potter says:

    My legs are crossed so far they are numb and I can’t move to motet my yarn help

  5. Catch up on YouTube and crocheting are my evenings every evening. It sucks I have to work 8 hours….but then again how would I be able to buy all my yarn. Sigh…such a struggle!

  6. Hannah Kim T says:

    Watching this while I crochet! 😀 I made the bee yesterday and it took me all day, I hope I can someday do it as fast as you hahah. Granted I just learned crochet and that was my first ever project

  7. im making a baby blanket with a matching hat for my best friend's pregnant sister

  8. Chloe Nash says:

    crocheting a huge fluffy blanket right now and watching ur vids!! this was so calming 🙂

  9. you should totally make more videos like this and the "crochet with me" type videos theyre my favorites lol

  10. Crocheting while you are is literally the best vibe!

  11. Goofy Goober says:

    I was crocheting a cranberry juice bottle I got my inspiration from this lady I saw on tik tok.

  12. right now im adding hair to my crochet doll i made. im also kinda a bigginer, im 11 years old. also i think that its realy cool that your also making crochet stuff and that your giving it your all! keep up the great work!!!

  13. Umm hi can u crochet an among us character my character is pink , a mini crewmate , and a flower hat . Thank u 🙂

  14. bekah Lynn says:

    hey! as a fellow younger maker, if you wanna save a bit of money don’t buy poly fil. I buy those cheap $1 pillows from walmart and take the filling from them, they last forever and its way cheaper then buying it at joanns!

  15. Aliah Vick says:

    Yo, what kind of magic did you do to find the center end of the yarn with that light blue ball?! The amount of balls of yarn I've destroyed trying to find the center is insane!

  16. Xxlana - says:

    Idk why I keep getting annoyed at when she’s crocheting she is sticking up the middle finger idk it just triggered me and I do know that’s just how she crochets

  17. Teresa Lowe says:

    I think they look very nice for a first attempt, keep going!

  18. You make crocheting look so easy I'm here with my hands killing me

  19. tinari07 says:

    started the video while crocheting, 2 mins in yarn vomits everywhere, now I have to spend the whole ideo untangling

  20. Rug Dealer says:

    working on stuff like 0-0 U-U 0-0 U-U

  21. My world says:

    This is why I subd to her she’s amazing and keeps us all occupied

  22. Watching this why I chrocet-

  23. Bex Dee says:

    LOVE your videos! I don't wanna be a negative Nancy but PLEASE rest your hands and try not to push through the pain when it starts 💜 coming from a musician turned crocheter struggling with chronic wrist & hand pain (prob tendonitis) for over a decade now (& I'm only 27, yikes! Lol), it's really easiest to not develop those overuse injuries in the first place 😂 I know that's easier said than done. But even just a minute off with a few stretches and breaths in the middle of a project when the cramping starts, does wonders for the health of your muscles/tendons and the longevity of your craft. Resting and listening to our bodies is how we keep making products with good energy instead of just being relieved when a project is done 😅 ok didn't mean to lecture I'm sorry lol, take care and have fun 💜

  24. Koda says:

    I love these videos! I worked on a fox plush while watching it 🙂

  25. akhila B. says:

    Damn I love your channel sm! I also feel proud of you when you finish and learn something new<3 cause ik that it takes some time hehe

  26. Alexis Hurd says:

    omg you did this video on my b-day