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Free Beginner Boho Crochet Shawl Pattern! Make in a Weekend!

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Hey, lovely! Ready to whip out a gorgeous crochet triangle shawl pattern in a weekend? Well, this beginner level Boho shawl should do the trick!
Grab your hook and some fingering weight yarn held double, and let’s dive right in.
Download the written version here:
We used 2 skeins Oasis Fingering yarn in colorway Rooted. Shades come and go – choose any you love:

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Hoping you find time to get started today and that you remember how absolutely amazing you are. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Talk to you soon!

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  1. Sara a says:

    Thank you so much for all your videos. Would you show making a increase in a crossed dcs. I can't seem to make it work.

  2. Kotelele says:

    Do I make something wrong if the shawl is not triangle shape but looks like stretched out diamond? I even try in the next one to not make to much triple crochets in last one, like not 3 n 4 byt only 2 but still somehow I made it to look like diamond not triangle like that shawl looks in video.

  3. Lori says:

    How long is your fringe? How many inches? Thank you so much 😇❤️

  4. hi chandi I am a fan of yours 😍 is it ok to use crochet cotton thread instead of fingering weight yarn for this project? i cant find the yarn that you are using here in the phil ☹️

  5. I love how your name means Silver in Hindi

  6. Hello! Can this be worn as a sarong?

  7. Remy Martin says:

    Fabulous. I’m a beginner and you’ve so encouraged me to try. Also your video is superb because you really show the loops and stitches which is sometimes really hard for a beginner. Thank you

  8. Great tutorial!! The patterned worked But mine came out nothing like this. It is so tight and the stitches are so small it ended up being a heavy weight shawl (scarf thickness). It feels like I am wearing a blanket. It is the opposite of light snd airy. I used double strand of sock weight yearn and a j hook. Any help out be appreciated. I can always end pictures for reference

  9. Hola me llamo Myriam Iñiguez y soy de Ecuador me encantó el chal pero que pene que sea en inglés porque no entiendo Saludos

  10. Sumi Das says:

    a question. Why do we have to keep it double stranded? Will it be a problem if I use a single strand?

  11. I want to know what l will repeat?which raw will be repeated and for how many raws

  12. Hello im just new to this and i really like this Boho,, the problem is i dont know how to continue i only make a level 4 of this? I hope you can help me or were can i find a complete patern of this?Free Beginner Boho Crochet Shawl Pattern! Make in a Weekend! Thanks for the help if ever…

  13. Found it! It no looks easy n sexy shawl ! Very feminine shawl! Gonna make it!

  14. So beautiful!! I want to make it!! What weight of yarn does it take??

  15. I am 15 and I started knitting 2 years ago. I was unsure about crocheting . but I decided to give it a shot after seeing this. BECAUSE I LOVEE IT! and it turned out really beautiful.I kinda improvised towards the end ,giving a single crochet border. I didn't finish it in a weekend took time. Its kinda small cause my gauge was small.But its so beautiful. Thank you Chandi. Your patterns are SOOOO beautiful.

  16. ilove banff says:

    what yarn are you guys using? any alternatives?

  17. Hello Chandi beautiful boho shawl , how long is your top of the shawl , im a beginner and i dont no, thank you very much greating paula from the nederlands

  18. I never understand the way you explain 😑😑

  19. I love all your videos, thank you for sharing your talents. Do you come up with all of these patterns yourself or how do you come up with new designs?

  20. Wow what a beautiful pièce im in love but i live in the nederlands and there not selling this yarn i love it so much im in love ,im a beginner . What is the yarn cotten or samthink else , please can you give me what this yarn is .its so beautiful .thank you so much greating from the nederlands paula

  21. Selin Arslan says:

    Benim yaptigim olmadı

  22. I am your newest subscriber! Busy making this beautiful shawl. xx

  23. Anam Saifee says:

    How much wool is required??
    Do tell me… Plzzz