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EASY Crochet Sleeveless Turtleneck | Pattern & Tutorial DIY

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This beginner friendly turtleneck tutorial is one that I’ve been wanting to do for a minute now. Had some free time some scrap yarn and boom, here we are! Please enjoy. 💕

0:00 | Intro
0:35 | Tools
1:27 | Under Arm
6:59 | Curve Up to Shoulder
10:45 | Shoulder
12:48 | Decrease Neck Scoop
16:06 | Middle Row
16:31 | Increase Neck Scoop
18:19 | Shoulder
19:23 | Curve down to Under Arm
21:33 | Under Arm
22:53 | Seam – Sides
24:24 | Seam – Shoulders
25:35 | Turtleneck
29:04 | Seam – Turtleneck
30:05 | Arm Holes

Tools Used:
Hook Link:
Caron One Pound (Azure):
Pattern Link:
Pattern Shop:

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  1. i love it like how i love this one, you should watch

  2. Hola gracias por tan lindos proyectos explicas muy bien gracias por los subtítulos en español. Ya me inscribí a tu canal saludos

  3. Dee Brown says:

    Gorgeous! I love this! Thank you.

  4. Hyy …plz tell ..what's the no.of your crochet hook

  5. clANAnett says:

    excited to make this!! especially since i'm a beginner crocheter! 😀
    quick question, the tools state that we need a 5 MM hook, however in the beginning of the tutorial at 1:37 you mention a 5.5 MM hook… I'm a bit confused as to which hook size I would need but I'm gearing towards 5MM, would this be alright? thanks for all of your hard work in producing these videos!!! we super appreciate them! <3

  6. Cynthia F says:

    Complete newbie (I've really only made the basics like socks/blankets and 1 sweater) I struggled with this one. For some reason, my neck piece got more and more stitches as I went and by the last row it was triple the length I'd started. So the first row and the last don't line up at all for me. Not 100% sure why. It came out very funky and 80's looking for me but I'm not too disappointed in the end. I would like to try again and see what exactly I did so wrong to make the neck part so incredibly funky.

  7. So inspiring . Starting to crotchet and I am liking it

  8. chandu Nayak says:

    Plz do slowly and explain clearly

  9. Gorgeous! Thanks from Brazil! I Hope to find the materials here

  10. Son muy hermozas todo lo k haces pero no entiendo xk es en otra ideoma

  11. X favor has tutoriles en español

  12. It looks nice, Imma try to make it.

  13. george mercy says:

    I dont understand the neck part

  14. ITS ARI says:

    Why is this so cute!!

  15. How many rows did you do for the neck scoop

  16. Beautiful
    I ll make it…I haven't make any tutorial video yet ..but I really want to make
    Your video is first lesson for me how to give tutorial
    Thanks dear

  17. How much gram yarn did you used???

  18. Hi for the first few parts, how much do I chain for a size medium? Also what do you mean by front of the armpit?

  19. Wow nice work thnku for sharing

  20. Callii says:

    I want to ask, how much grams of yarn did you use in total for the whole thing ? Thanks😊

  21. i'm definetly making this (as soon as I finish the 700 other projects I have lol)

  22. pinkybc says:

    Wow so beautiful i was going along nicely with you but then missed a step so i went snd purchased pattern. You are very talented i had to support and while i was there I picked up two more patterns. Thanks. I love my top already and am just halfway through

  23. What is the bust size of small please tell

  24. Fara Bengia says:

    Me not knowing how to do crochet and still watching this like 👁️👄👁️

  25. anele ranis says:

    Hi! I have a question, in the turtleneck we start with 20 but as we go does it increase or decrease in slip stitches or is it always 20? I’ve been stuck in that for a bit, thanks in advance!

  26. Very nice,
    I want smaller than this, so that how many chains I have to do ?

  27. Hiii, I'm wondering how much yarn you used?

  28. jo says:

    you note at the beginning that we need a 5.0mm hook, but when the project starts you say you grabbed your 5.5mm hook o-o which one is it?

  29. Is it possible to follow this tutorial &alter it to a long sleeves turtleneck, or it'd mess it up?