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Easy Crochet Headband Tutorial – Picot Headband Tutorial – Free Crochet Headband Pattern

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Hi Friends! In today’s tutorial we’ll be making the Picot Headband! This crochet headband features lots of texture & twisted front! Instructions include 8 sizes ranging from newborn to adult large! In this tutorial i’ll also show you how to work a foundation half double crochet and a picot single crochet!

Difficulty: Easy

Supplies Needed: (affiliate links)
● Medium (4) Weight Yarn ( )
● 5.50 mm (I) Hook – ( )
● Yarn Needle ( )
● Scissors ( )

Find the FREE pattern here:

Find the ad-free, easy to print pdf in my Etsy shop!



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  1. Just found this tutorial. So happy I did. For sure I will be making some of these. Thank you for sharing💖

  2. Tyna Stevens says:

    That nail polish is awesome. Nice color.☺

  3. D M says:

    Super cute! Great instructions; Can’t wait to try my first crochet project 😁

  4. kgilburg says:

    Wish I’d seen this before Christmas! But I can start now for next Christmas! Thank you!

  5. Are there metric measurments available?

  6. I am going to 9 year now I was about to crochet sweater but I decided to crochet a headband this tutorial really helped me thanks

  7. Kelly Ann says:

    Will it still all work out and look good if you just do a chain and then go back and double crochet back down?

  8. Janka M says:

    Wow 👍 Thank you🌞

  9. Moon Won says:

    I just made red one. It's so beautiful on my head. THANK YOU.🙂

  10. Priti Ved says:

    Very nice 👍🏻. Thanks 🙏

  11. Thank you for this video! It's been a joy to watch and undertake this as my first crochet project!
    I have a question though and would really appreciate your help, if I made more stitches than needed, how do I go about that without ruining the headband? Is it possible to go from adult large to child for example? I'm done with the rows, but having trouble with the circumference being bigger than needed, haven't sown with the needle yet 😬 Thanks 💜💜

  12. I'm a beginner, I did two for my nieces, only took a couple hours. They were really easy to do and looked so beautiful! I finished the last row with a single crochet to try to give it a more symmetrical aspect rib wise
    Thank you for this wonderful pattern and tutorial!

  13. Thank you! It turned out beautiful, yet size was too big. Advice for others: Medium Adult size is for a men. I'm woman with bigger head and unfortunately it was too big for me. Going for a teenager's size next time.

  14. K D says:

    Is there a way to get the chart without all of the word captions played over the top of it?

  15. Linda Jensen says:

    I used the Red Heart Metallic yarn which makes is so sparkly

  16. Shay N says:

    I love it!!! Easy to follow, fun to make and super happy with the results. My Daughter has just requested one too x

  17. This is amazing sweetie! I made the small size today as a gift for an adorable baby girl in dark red The result was stunning!

  18. E P says:

    This video was easy to follow and what a pretty pattern! I’ve already made 3 for gifts. Thank you for taking the time to create and teach this.

  19. Thank you for a terrific tutorial. Your explanations of every single little tiny steps are so perfectly detail oriented that I got it! I’m so excited to try this pattern… Maybe for 2021 Christmas!