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Easy Crochet Crop Top – How to crochet a Ribbed Singlet with Tie Straps!

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The Skylar Crop Top is the ultimate summer top for crochet beginners! Using only half double crochets, this easy crochet camisole works up quickly and is easily customisable to fit any size or body type. Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial to DIY your very own crochet singlet. With a ribbed body and cute braided tie straps, the Skylar Cami effortlessly matches any outfit!

Free crochet pattern (sizes XS – 3XL) –
(+ alteration instructions, materials, yarn amount + extra info)

Yarn – Similar here: WeCrochet Swish DK or Lion Brand Touch of Merino
5mm Clover Crochet Hook:
Clover Bent Tip Tapestry Needle:
Clover Stitch Markers:

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  1. My top turned out so cute!

  2. This is the best video, I have tried by watching this one. Thank you ❤️

  3. I don't have the patience for this. No skill too hahaha

  4. Fartilicous says:

    All I know is how to chain but I'm still watching the video👁👄👁

  5. just finished this project tonight and it had been a long time since i felt so proud of doing something. i had never touched a crochet needle before and i actually bought the supplies just to make this crop top, but when i first started it was just sooooo hard for me. i kept making the same mistakes over and over again until i gave up for like 2 months and tried again. this time, i paid more attention to the way her hands moved and i was also more patient to myself. i didn't feel bad i had to undo all the stitches so many times, because i wasn't competing with myself, i was doing this just for fun — and because i really wanted a white top for a long time. so, thank you <3

  6. I made this top too😭thank you for the tutorial it came out perfect

  7. i crochetted this top in white and pink but the edges arent even 🙁 it's so frustrating. i decided to let it be and just wear it out hahahah. will retry this when i get my other yarns in the mail

  8. army fan says:

    How long is your yarn because I'm trying to make this for my friend

  9. how many grams of yarn did you use?

  10. Falak Rizvi says:

    this is easy but not with dark green yarn :/ cant see what im doing at all

  11. Who else really wants to learn how to knit so they can make clothes duh I want to make this but don’t know how🥲

  12. I made this top today and i'm so happy with the result🤩

  13. Busra says:

    Very easy and nice, thank you 🥰

  14. Eu sou a brasileira que você procura🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  15. Kam Jam says:

    How do you keep you edges so strighttt?

  16. Moguri owow says:

    To those who know how to crochet : WHAT TYPE OF YARN IS STRETCHY AND PERFECT FOR TOPD OR JUMPERS??

  17. mh mh says:

    When you whatching the video without yarn or the hook like yeah that makes sence then when u start to do you it your like:😡🤬😡🤬😡

  18. Delilah says:

    i just finished this it took me a week and it turned out great!! i'm a beginner and this is the best thing i've made so far <3 tip: you can use bra strips to locate the places of the strips before adding them it will help you decide where to add them.

  19. Eh Tea says:

    Im trying this rn

  20. Octavia H says:

    the yarn how many ply ?

  21. Sierra says:

    Alright, I've never crocheted before, but I decided to follow this tutorial and omg guys it actually worked! Thanks for the helpful vid