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Easy crochet baby blanket/crochet blanket pattern/ craft & crochet 1204

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This video will explain how to crochet beautiful blanket for your baby. This blanket pattern is very easy to make this got only two rows to repeat. So crochet beginners can follow this crochet blanket pattern. To get all other tutorials please visit our facebook page down bellow.

Blanket border:

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  1. i love this baby blanket, and have been trying to work it out but having a problem ending rows 3 and 5. have not been able to get past these rows; I am unable hear the sound as i wear 2 hearing aids, and following closed caption is difficult for me. Do you have a written explanation for ending rows 3 and 5 and are all the other rows, eg. 7 and other odd rows repeated. Are you able to help me. Thankyou so much. Your blankets are beautiful, and i love this wavy one very much

  2. روووووووعةةةة🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼👍👍

  3. I would like to get some yarn and make this blanket. The blanket is very beautiful. I would like to get the pattern from you. Thank you.

  4. TheTracey43 says:

    Could I do this pattern with different colours?

  5. Would make a beautiful scarf.. it moves like something knitted.

  6. Bonjour, cette couverture est très belle , je la ferais merci pour le partage.

  7. Beautiful design
    Doing it

  8. I enjoy the final result however Insee I am not alone in confusion. I dont read patterns, so I use visual learning. I found the fingernails to be very distracting to my learning. They keep getting into the way of the work, and I have to rewatch multiple times to learn this pattern.

  9. Thank you for such an extraordinary & exquisite blanket pattern – I LOVE IT!!
    ❤💐 ❤ 💐 ❤

  10. Rubena Guy says:

    Where can I buy this yarn? LOve the pattern

  11. Buon giorno è possibile la spiegazione del in Italiano grazie mille

  12. Nora Estes says:

    I love your work and I can't wait to try this…where can I download the WRITTEN pattern? I have been on fb and all over youtube and seeked out page 1204 and NO written pattern….PLZ HELP!!!!

  13. gailj2307 says:

    Beautiful work yet again. Just wondered if double crochet stitch would work instead of treble crochet. Thank you

  14. Ann Murdock says:

    this pattern is amazing I can't wait to get it finished. Thank you for your tutorials.

  15. Carol Taylor says:

    This is a nice pattern but after the first row I messed up and it idnt turn out like yours at all. I couldt do it so Im looking for another pattern😔

  16. Knit1 Cat2 says:

    Your crochet work is B E A U T I F U L!!! I haven’t found one I haven’t liked. I prefer to knit but jeepers you make me wanna crochet more.