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Easy Breezy Ribbed Beanie – Beginner Crochet Beanie Tutorial

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Hi Friends! For the month of October I will be releasing all 5 of my Easy Breezy Patterns for free on my blog and here on YouTube! Be sure to check back every Friday for the new pattern!

So far we’ve done the:
Easy Breezy Bun Beanie :
Easy Breezy Chunky Bun Beanie :
Easy Breezy Scarf :

In today’s tutorial we’ll be making the Easy Breezy Ribbed Beanie!
This pattern is beginner friendly and works up quickly!
Check the chart in the video for all the size information, the pattern includes 8 sizes but you can adjust it to make ANY size!

Supplies Needed: (affiliate links)
● Medium (4) Weight Yarn ( )
● 5.50 mm (I) Hook – ( )
● Yarn Needle ( )
● Scissors ( )

Find the FREE pattern here:

Find the ad-free, easy to print pdf in my Etsy shop!



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  1. Genevieve G says:

    Sorry using this for myself don’t mind me 😊


  2. Sarah Kim says:

    How long did it takes for u to finish this?

  3. Jordyn Ferry says:

    made this and loved it however the sizing was majorly off for me. my hat wouldnt even go over my head and i even sized up🥺

  4. Karami says:

    All the money you will save learning how make your own beanies! I was shopping for beanie hats this Christmas season and many were selling for over $15 or $20. 😫 Just buy chunky yarn and use your hooks and skills and you’ll make the best beanie hat ever.

  5. Evie W says:

    My yarn keeps curling :/

  6. Elyssa S says:

    Just little hack, if you don’t have a yarn needle you can use a bobby-pin 🖤

  7. Deep Sandy says:

    So nyc and easy to make I will try thanks for this mam

  8. Chin zzz says:

    Dor babies can we use 4.5mm hook? What will be the result?

  9. I just made a hat. Thank you so much. And I also added a pom pompom on my hat!

  10. I liked this hat very easy to make.

  11. Hi iam doing your pattern but I dont know how do I know when I have 46 rows mine is not as long as yours.

  12. when you are sticking your crochet hook in the foundation chain, is it one loop or two loops lol ….you have the loop on your crochet hook you pass it through the front loop, when you go in the foundation are you picking up one loop or 2 before hooking your hook on the piece of yarn to pull through? hope that question makes sense haha

  13. I just finished mine for my mom thank you so much !!!!

  14. Is it OK if we do the same pattern with a chunky yarn????

  15. Xin Yi says:

    I'm making some for my family😍 Thanks for sharing your pattern🙏. Absolutely love it 😍

  16. How do you count the rows?

  17. Ann Lambert says:

    Outstanding…..great hat pattern. Ordered my yarn via mail and cannot wait until it arrives. New to your channel. Looking forward to more excellent instructions

  18. Omg u made it so easy thank u new subbie ♥️♥️♥️

  19. I have no idea what I did wrong but mine is in a oval like shape 😅 not a rectangle.

  20. Kami Madalyn says:

    I’ve been restating to my boyfriend “omg babe I made a hat” for 20 minutes… thank you

  21. How many skeins to use for adult beanies?

  22. Pamela A says:

    can I use the red heart soft yarn for this pattern?

  23. Ashley Brown says:

    This is such a great tutorial and it turned out amazing! I’m making some for my friends for Christmas!😁

  24. Raegan Belew says:

    Hi! Is it possible to add a pompom to the top of this beanie?

  25. I am doing it right now and i am loving how its turning out its a every easy and clear tutorial thank you❤️

  26. Diana Le says:

    Will the size chart still work if I use a Bulky 5 weight yarn? Should I reduce the number of chains/stitches?

  27. Edna Van Dam says:

    Thank you for sharing this pattern I will make this for Christmas gift.

  28. Netta Mack says:

    Hi! quick question! Can I use 100% cotton (4) yarn it seems shorter for some reason.

  29. Can l see the chat cos can't see it with thr writing comeing in from so plz I want to see the chat dear please

  30. i ma making this for my mom (i am jewish so i celebrate hanukkah) she will love this as a beautiful hat to wear! i absolutly love the pattern thansk so much for making 🙂

  31. I did this tutorial and gave it as a secret Santa gift for my best friend. It turned out so cute! She loved it! Thanks!

  32. How many rows you made in this??

  33. Could you make this with a number 5 yarn?