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CROCHET X-Twist Headband / EASY looks like knitted

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Hello Everyone
today I am going to show you how to crochet this beautiful and easy Twist Headband I will show you two ways to make a twist 🙂
The normal twist and the X-twist!

Have a great time crocheting !!

Used Yarn :


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  1. You video taught me how make the completion of my ear warmer. I did not know how to stitch the x twist. Although not as nice as yours, my daughter loved it on me.

  2. I love This! But some How I think its too small for my daughter even though I measured the chain and havent dropped any loops. Should I make it a bit longer cause of the Twist ? Im gonna try it on her tomorrow when she Wakes up again but I think I need to try to save this one some How and make it longer 🤔

  3. Really pleased with this pattern

  4. Ты точно из росии, да?

  5. Jyotsna Rana says:

    Awesome 😎
    Loved. The way explained. So very clearly. Wow Thx. A lot

  6. This was my first crochet project. It turned out so cute, except I made it too large. Second one is perfect for granddaughters at 18”. Thanks!

  7. I followed your directions and made a beautiful ear warmer. Thank you so much for making this video with such good clear directions. 8 really enjoyed it.

  8. Can anyone tell me how to email Claudette?

  9. hpispwn98 says:

    Made this for my crochet-loving mom and she loved it! Thanks so much for the amazing tutorial!

  10. Ink-omania says:


  11. Chestnut says:

    Simple and easy tutorial video. Thank you. I tried it, it looks nice:)

  12. This was my first crochet project and I love it!!! Thank you for this video 🙂

  13. Katie Crouch says:

    Only been crocheting for about a year just done this pattern tonight and finished it was easy to understand and follow thank you for sharing

  14. Really loved this project. Very easy to follow video. Made my first ever headband and my daughter loves it. Thank you

  15. How much yarn is needed for this project? Like the amount of yards?

  16. Samo says:

    I am a beginner and i've made two of these in a short periid of time for a first project Im sooo proud and glad I found your video thanks a lot ❤❤

  17. Barbara G says:

    Oh this is wonderful ,can't wait to make one of these 🙂 You are a very good teacher and very easy to follow .Thank you for sharing this pattern I love it".

  18. katyseverin says:

    Love it! Made it a bit too small but turned out great. Thx!

  19. Susan Hughes says:

    So easy to do. Thanks for super easy instructions!

  20. ablckdiamd1 says:

    I've been crocheting since I was a teen( Im 56) but only afghans, kufis and granny squares which I love to do. I stumble on your video and watched, and I did it. ( I need to get a yarn needle.) It was easy and I took a picture of it to show my co worker who actually crochet like a pro.
    Thank you Sis.❤❤❤👍🙏

  21. b g says:

    What's a good yarn, that is NOT MADE IN TURKEY?

  22. Viki Knox says:

    Super cute and easy to complete! Instructions and pace was excellent! Thank you!

  23. C W says:

    So easy to follow, thank you!

  24. s4slsmith says:

    Thank you!! I normally only crochet amigurumi but this was so pretty I had to give it a go, your tutorials are so clear and easy to follow and it came out perfectly first try!

  25. Great video Claudetta!!!

  26. Linh Tran says:

    This such an easy-to-follow and fun tutorial! Made it for my friend and now I want one for myself as well. Thank you!!!

    Update: already made myself one, so happy <3

  27. I am trying to make this with a thin yarn as I don't have a bulky yarn at present. However, I took 82chains but it keeps on decreasing as I proceed. It is becoming shorter around the head as and when I measure it. What should I do? Will I have to start over?

  28. Thank you for you time. Super easy and cute 🥰

  29. Sara F says:

    VERY easy to follow for a beginner. I made this in about 2 hours and had zero issues. I'll be making more 🙂

  30. Awesome!!😍.. Mine turned out pretty nice… Thanks for the tutorial

  31. Mary Sorohan says:

    you make Crochet so easy to Follow.t did not do crochet in years Nice clear soothing Voice …
    best wishes & Thank You –. Mary in Dublin City

  32. Charu Singh says:

    Love the design and the X knot 😊 thanks for the video

  33. Jess P says:

    Just made my first one. I actually liked it. Thank you!

  34. Its so beautiful thnx 4 sharing

  35. LeAnn Miles says:

    I want to say thank u for sharing your talent! My daughter in law sent me a picture of an ear warmer & asked if I could make her one. I'm fairly new to crocheting, so I found your video and since this morning I've made 3! U have an incredible talent with the way u teach. Thank you sincerely!!

  36. Nancy Prieto says:

    Just made my headband!

  37. Anna Rosiak says:

    Hi! How many grams of yarn did you use? Is 50g going to be enough?

  38. Are there written directions as well as the video? I'd love to make this.