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In today’s tutorial, we’re going to go over a set of crochet tension tips that will change the way you feel about crochet. Tension is one of the most frustrating parts of learning to crochet for beginners and because of that, I’m here to tell you the best way to hold your yarn, hook, and control your tension.

These crochet tension tips will also cover some tips on how you can hold your yarn differently that will help you control how tight or how loose you crochet.

Learning to control and improve your tension takes time and practice. You can do it!

If you would love to join a community where it’s okay to ask “stupid questions”, where you will never be judged, and will always receive an answer, then join my beginners Facebook group by clicking the link below and signing up for my email list. I would love to see you there! Sign up here:

These crochet tension tips teaching you how to control your yarn tension are a part of my crochet beginner basics series as well as part of my 7-Day Learn To Crochet Challenge!

If you’d like to participate in my FREE challenge, sign up here:

Use the code: FOUNDER

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  1. Tension is a real pain in the butt. Who’s with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Which tension tip in this tutorial helped you the most?

  2. LightOwl says:

    Thank you, I am an absolute beginner and the other beginner videos didnt cover this.
    Too bad I dont use facebook.

  3. Thanks for the tips; I am a beginner and that's the very thing that's troubling me. It's the tension😊THANK YOU

  4. Emily Yanise says:

    This is pretty off topic, but IM IN LOVE WITH HER YARN. If anyone knows what kind it is please reply to this comment.

  5. E7T39E says:

    Does the type of yarn matter too? I’ve been using acrylic yarn and some are stiffer than others and I wonder if that plays a role? Like I hard I hold yarn, twist while holding the hook, etc?

  6. Traci Cope says:

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  7. I must be stupid. I still can't do it it still hurts 😆

  8. NOBLESSE RAI says:


  9. Amrita sunil says:

    I am just 13 and thank you for the tips

    I can do well in my crochet projects

  10. great video this is what im having trouble with tension

  11. Bonnie S says:

    I started learning to crochet about 3 months ago and I've found that I have problems with both tight AND loose tension! I find that my foundation chain is always too tight so I start out with a hook a couple sizes bigger than what the project uses. This def helps. Otherwise, while I'm working on my project, if I notice an issue I will usually take out the stitches and redo that row.

  12. pepper says:

    I've been crocheting for about a week now and my hands are killing me. I'm definitely a very tight crocheter. I dont want to damage my hands or get carpal tunnel syndrome so here I am

  13. I hold my yarn the same way as you are. Maybe Im crocheting for too long in a day reason why my arms hurt? Cant move my middle finger whenever I woke up if I crochet the night before.

  14. Azal Albadet says:

    My fingers hurts so bad when I crochet 🙁 I'll try to use these techniques! ❤

  15. Anna Greene says:

    Thank you for this helpful video. I self taught myself to crochet, and I am struggling with my projects being the correct size. I can get gauge, make the project and it be to small. Mostly hats. I am also finding that just because yarn says 4 medium, they are not all the same. Some 4 medium yarns I have used look more like a 3? Any suggestions? I am getting more confident in my stitches and love challenge of learning this and really want to continue but tired of making projects that aren't true to size.

  16. Wonderful video!! I thorough and clear and so helpful — everyone that learns crochet 🧶 would so benefit from all this 🍓💕‼️

  17. This is the only thing I have struggled with. I get everything else but tension is something I have struggled with ever since I learned to crochet over 4 decades ago.

  18. I’m a beginner and I’m finding it’s really hurting my arm on the side I tension with.Any advice on easing that would be great 😊

  19. ellen Zaky says:

    Great may I ask about your mobile position to get a good video. Thanks

  20. GaGaFan68 says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m a tight crocheter. My samples are very wavy and looks like a rainbow shape. And I notice some spots in the crochet have holes in them. I must be increasing my stitches without realizing it. I’ll try your advice and see how it works. Do you have any other recommendations?

  21. I’ve tried those ways of holding my yarn but the yarn doesn’t flow and my tension is always tight.

  22. jacotte s says:

    Excellent tips, not only for beginners !

  23. Hi the tip that you show us I mostly use the 1 tip you just show us.😘

  24. I tried making a tension regulator but it ended up being too big for my small finger.