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Crochet Ribbed Sweater DIY Tutorial

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Oversized, ribbed and ridiculously cosy, the Amalfi Sweater is the modern crochet sweater of your dreams! This easy crochet sweater DIY features loosely cuffed sleeves, an oversized body and a ribbed round neck while simple beginner stitches (slip stitches and double crochet) combine to create a crochet chunky ribbed effect that looks like knit!

Free crochet pattern (sizes XS – 5XL) –
(+ materials, yarn amounts + extra info)

Yarn – We Crochet Andean Treasure (classified as a sport/fine(2) but I think it’s a DK/light (3)):
5mm Clover Crochet Hook:
Clover Bent Tip Tapestry Needle:

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0:33 Back Panel
3:56 Front Panel
13:23 Sleeves
17:07 Assembly
18:18 Neckline Ribbing
21:34 Hemline ribbing

Thanks for watching!

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  1. ankita koli says:

    how much yarn you use??? pls reply i want to make like this 😍😍

  2. Can I use cotton yarn for this?

  3. serra öz says:

    Hi! I really like that. But I don't understand English. How many yarn did you use?

  4. superglo1000 says:

    I purchased the pattern and it does not say how many grams of wool needed I used double of left over wool on 6.5 and measured when I reached the width size needed, as I wanted a thicker chunkier sweater. I have 700grams and looks like I might have some left over, very easy pattern to follow thanks

  5. Pandlax Star says:

    I have a question I hope you are able to answer it! How do you count the rows? Especially for slip stitch, do you count the three rows?

  6. Just finished this and I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing <3

  7. Ma'am please add some more tutorials. ❤️❤️

  8. Rojie says:

    Can u pwease tell me the measurements in inches, mm or cm?

  9. i have this nagging issue for a long time for this sweater everytime i finish the first row that is the double crochet and i start the slip stitch but by the time im done with 2-3 rows of that my work begins to curl inwards that is the first row looks wobbly and uneven. ive tried undoing and doing but the problem persists . Any help for a beginner?

    oh and im not talking about missing a stitch so that it becomes narrower. (Learnt that the hard way)

  10. Lovely and easy to realise it. Thank you for sharing us.

  11. Very beautiful patterns and so simple too
    I just loved it ……… And trying to make ……
    Can you pls make a sheath dress tutorial
    Pls pls pls …….

  12. Pls tell me
    How much ply yarn u have used ??
    Pls reply me….

  13. This was a great video! So clear visually and with the verbal descriptions.

  14. Skittlebunn says:

    I just finished making this and I'm in love! such an easy tutorial to follow. I'm not sure why but my neckline ribbing was about 5 inches too short, nonetheless an easy fix! 100% user error. thanks for the video!

  15. Chithra Jois says:

    Hey loved this and all your tutorials. I want to make one too. Can you please tell how many balls of yarn did you use in this? I saw the written pattern, in the materials it says 535 g. So you mean to say if a ball is 50g I should buy balls that weighs a total of 535 g? Please clarify

  16. Lalit Roka says:

    Could you please give the tutorial of balloon cardigan ?? Please Please Please 😊😊

  17. Syawana says:

    can you make a bikini???😍

  18. BassFartz says:


  19. champs8 says:

    Omg I need help please! I can't figure out how to whip stitch for the shoulder seams! I don't know which loops to go into 😫

  20. Bailey L says:

    How long did this take to make? I have been trying to plan out my projects

  21. How many yarn do i need for this sweater?

  22. I clicked on this thinking it was knit and BOY I WAS WRONG! Amazing tutorial as always. How long did it take you to crochet this sweater?

  23. P. R. says:

    How many skeins of yarn did you use?

  24. Arfa Sina says:

    Can i use yarn size 4/medium?

  25. meyla amelia says:

    Pls make a mini skirt

  26. Erika R says:

    can someone tell me how much yarn is needed? this looks great!

  27. Idea to video: how to crochet a scrunshie<3 it will be rellay nice<3