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Crochet Ribbed Hat

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Super easy and fun to make! Perfect for anyone in the family! This is a great first project if you are just learning to crochet.
I am dedicating this project to the Grade 7 “Fashion and Design Class” that I will help to learn how to crochet.
To the next generation of crocheters!

Written Instructions:
1 Skein – Any Yarn-150 Metres or more,
Main colour of Hat
(I am using Bernat Premium, Medium #4)
1 Skein – Any Yarn – Pom Pom
1 Crochet Hook – 5 mm (6 mm if using a chunky yarn)
Darning Needle
Measuring Tape

Ch = Chain
Hdc = Half Double Crochet
St = Stitch
Ss = Slip Stitch

Chain 12”-14” or 30-36 cm (or longer for a slouchy hat)

Row 1 – Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, Hdc in each ch across.
– Ch 1 and turn

Row 2 – *Working in back loops only, Hdc in first st, and in each st all the way across. Ch 1, turn.*
(Be very careful not to miss the last stitch, and that you have the same amount in every row).

Repeat Row 2 until you have reached approximately 17”-20” or 44-50 cm
(Or until it fits around your head).

Stop at an EVEN amount of rows.

Fold in half

Insert hook into Hdc then into ch space, Ss into each stitch across.

Leave about 20” or 50 cm. Cut yarn and pull through.

With Darning Needle, weave in and out to gather top of hat. Pull snug and tie to beginning yarn. Leave this tail of yarn to tie Pom Pom to.

Make Pom Pom, Attach to hat.
To add trim, just put one row of Single Crochet around the edge. 😃


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  1. This is an amazing video. It was so easy to understand and I loved it so much. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  2. Anjam Kiyani says:

    So easy to understand.

  3. Edela 3251 says:


  4. Hi I’ve just started this hat however as I’m doing the rows, my work is getting shorter at each end looking like the yoke? I’m a beginner from granny squares only so not sure why this is happening? Can you advise please

  5. Can I make 7 chain for 4 to 5 year girl

  6. Hossein oji says:


  7. Sapna Sk says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful video. Enjoyed doing this project.

  8. abdur rawoof says:

    Can you please tell the measurement for a newborn baby beanie? Please🥺

  9. Danou L says:

    Hello Stéphanie bonjour J’adore votre travail vous explications sont parfaites très belle vidéo s’il vous plaît Stéphanie pouvez-vous me dire combien de maille je dois tricoter en chaîne pour un bébé de deux ans je serai bien heureuse d’avoir votre réponse recevez mes salutations thank you Stephanie👏😘

  10. Danou L says:

    Pouvez-vous me dire s’il vous plaît comment vous faites les pompon

  11. Danou L says:

    Thank you very much good job please how much cm for children please merci beaucoup beau travail très bien expliqué Je m’abonne

  12. How many chain for 3to 4 years

  13. Thank you very much for sharing this nice easy beanie
    I shall do this for my grand kids

  14. What size would fit a 10yr old please

  15. JoAnne Smith says:

    Thank you. I so enjoyed learning how to make this beenie 😉 You are a wonderful, sweet sounding crafter.
    I am going to begin… 😁 pray for me to do well. I kind of mess up a lot of projects 🤪

  16. So classic project and color! Beautiful!!! Well-done! Thank you

  17. Ivy Bulgin says:

    Effective teacher. Great visual. Clear instructions. Enjoyed doing this. Turned out well. Thanks.

  18. Thank you 。◕‿◕。

  19. Finally video that i can understand clearly!! ❤️

  20. Monisha S says:

    So glad that I made my very first hat by watching your tutorial. Very clear explanation. Thnq u 😊😄😊

  21. Asa Asa says:

    Ami aro kichu dekhte chai

  22. This is a good video. I will make this in peach for the life sized baby doll.

  23. You’re such a great person like a kindergarten teacher 👩🏻‍🏫 who explains everything in detail and clearly. Love 💕 you so much, thanks 🙏 a lot 😍🍫🍫🍫. You should create a story telling channel you’re simply awesome 😎 and amazing 💐💐💐

  24. pen0805 says:

    Awesome video! Thank you!!! I'll try it tonight.

  25. Gurjot Kaur says:

    Beautiful and cute ⛄

  26. Lalita Patel says:

    Thanks-very nice 👌

  27. Debra Rawson says:

    You must be dropping stitches at 5he ends. The first stick after a turn hides a bit

  28. Ninar Issa says:

    As I was crocheting I noticed that the hat is shrinking do you perhaps know why that is happening

  29. Soo much easier and alot of fun!!

  30. Priya Gandhi says:

    Hi! I can say this is the world's best video. Nicely explained.. easy method… Great job! Thanks a lot.

  31. You have a lovely clear voice. As a teacher I think you would read children's stories beautifully with your crisp pronunciation of all consonsonants.

  32. Currently making one for my bf since the pandemic made him a little sad, so I wanted to give him something that will make him smile. Thanks for your tutorial! 💕

  33. Phyo Phyo says:

    Thank you so much Teacher😍😍