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Crochet Picasso Yarn Scarf | Crochet Block Stitch (Easy & Quick!)

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Learn how to crochet this beautiful easy rainbow scarf using Ice Yarn Picasso. With a simple 2 row repeat using a variation of the crochet block stitch, it is very quick to work up!

If the video speed is too fast, you can slow it down! See this video on exactly how:

🧶 Yarn & Hook information:

Ice Yarn Picasso Rainbow (4 balls) Available to purchase here:

5mm Hook


📌 Pattern Multiple: 4 + 2

🕘 TIMESTAMPS – jump to the section you need immediately!

0:00 Intro & Yarn Information
1:26 Row 1
4:03 Row 2
7:15 Row 3
9:33 Recap of Row 2
10:38 Recap of Row 3


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🧶 Where I buy my yarn:

Snufflebean Yarn – UK based, ships worldwide

Ice Yarn

My Amazon Storefront (all the products I use!)


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  1. Carol Bridge says:

    I’m making this and happen to have the same yarn. Thank you for sharing this pattern.

  2. How can I print out the directions for this scarf?

  3. Tara T says:

    This yarn is stunning ! . I love this scarf so easy and beautiful I am using michaels shimmer luxe ( very similar ) tysm for this tutorial 💖

  4. Me: 3rd time making this
    – gets halfway through scarf, and stops to rewatch video cause its taking like twice as much yard as usual
    -stops crocheting forever cause ive been doing a half double instead of a double stitch

  5. Where could I get this yarn in Germany??I love the scarf and I love everything rainbowie!😍🎄👍🙏

  6. JC WillTell says:

    I just want to say thank you. I've been struggling with learning to crochet for months now. I had given up. And then I found your videos…and I finally got it. I literally slowed it down and watched your hands, and it finally clicked, especially the way you hold the yarn. That was my biggest hurdle, but your method works for me. I started you Caron cake blanket and I'm so excited to see the end result. Thank you again. You're a great teacher.

  7. Peachy Lane says:

    I’ve bought the ice yarn – Picasso and I’m following your pattern. Just have to make the tassels.

  8. Mia Does art says:

    thanks , i know u wont see this comment but thanks

  9. Tony Delat says:

    Each ball is 50 gr and she used 4 for a 7-block wide scarf.

  10. I bought this yarn today to make this scarf for my sister. Thanks for the tutorial. Beautiful yarn!

  11. mommadye3 says:

    How do we make the tassels

  12. SnowKat2015 says:

    My family asked me to make a wishlist of what i wanted for Christmas so that they knew what to buy me. Now i’m going through your videos and writing down all the pretty yarn!

  13. Muito bonito. A lã de cores vibrantes fez toda a diferença. Vou fazer para as minhas filhas, com certeza. É só o inverno chegar…..👏👏👏👏❤🌞🇧🇷

  14. That is one colorful, beautiful scarf.

  15. Angel iiis says:

    I like the pattern. I have to wait to make one because I have so many projects that I am working on.

  16. Beautiful I love the pattern and yarn is gorgeous thank you

  17. Fludrby West says:

    I adore the happy yarn your useing❣️ so pretty and that’s a cute pattern stitch you have shown us❣️🙏🏻♥️❤️💫✨🎊🙌🏼🙌🏼

  18. I really like the stitch and color your using🧶😎

  19. If anyone else is having a problem on the side where you chain 2 and turn, and the scarf bends inward, I chained 3 and then turned and on every other row I did a double or triple crochet in to that same chain.

  20. Lisa Davis says:

    Happy to have learned another stitch/project! This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Beautiful pattern, I must try this❣

  22. April Evans says:

    Wow it is a beautiful scarf. New to do item. Thank you Robin 💗 😊 💓

  23. Love this pattern and yarn. Very beautiful

  24. Shelia Adams says:

    Love this pattern and yarn.

  25. Thanks for this tutorial how do I stop one side from being bent and tighter than the other side. I've tried loosening my tension But one side still seems to bend inward and is taunt.

  26. Wow! Beautiful scarf and yarn!

  27. Bellissimo! Grazie mille 🙏

  28. beautiful; is it 4 ply acrylic? thanks and God bless

  29. Susan Knarr says:

    Is there a name for this pattern?

  30. Love this pattern and yarn

  31. Beautiful! Starting now. I will also order the ice yarn. Thank you for sharing.😊

  32. Susan Lee says:

    I totally fell in love with this pattern and the wool, I have the pack of 8 here in front of me ! Awesome pattern and you explained it really well. Thankyou , I am definitely making a scarf with this pattern.

  33. Just a word about the yarn — it's lovely, but almost impossible to frog easily. Before you start the project, I recommend you are quite sure that you wish to proceed without "revising" as it's a pain to frog any portion of the scarf with Picasso yarn, particularly the chains. Also, I'd recommend three chains to being the double-crochet rows, not two, as I found the scarf tightened as I progressed with only a two-chain beginning.

  34. I love this scarf en i am making this as a coll.

  35. Thank you it looks so lovely i love it very much i 'll do it inchaAllah

  36. I love this scarf pattern and the yarn. How many strands of yarn did you use for each tassel? Thank you.

  37. Sarah W77 says:

    Thank you so much robin i have already made 3 scarfs in this pattern thank you for all the work you do

  38. Beautiful scarf! The yarn is epic.

  39. This ICE YARN is soft and beautiful! My scarf is coming along nicely.😉The colors are SO HaPpY.😊❤️

  40. PamelynR says:

    So glad I found your tutorial! It's just so easy and fast and pretty. I LOVE Picasso Rainbow. I didn't realize when I made my first order that it comes in 4 different colorways. The one you have here seems to be the one ending in 26, which I now have and am working with, but my first order was mistakenly for the one ending in 27 which is darker and, IMHO, not as fun.

  41. Really nice could you please slow it down🤗

  42. Traveller says:

    Can you make a tutorial how to do this stitch when it is for an infinity /a round shawl 🤗🙏🤗🦋

  43. Traveller says:

    Robin, this is absolute beautiful, the yarn and colors makes me smiling and joyful.
    I am a beginner with crocheting and your tutorial is so easy to follow, thank you so much.

    When i want crocheting in the round, is it the same sets of 4 plus 2 ?

  44. Beautiful scarf. Have never done the BlockStitch, but will give it a go now:) Thanks for another great tutorial!