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CROCHET: Easy Hooded Scarf With Pockets, Step by Step Tutorial, Crochet Pattern

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A hooded scarf is such a popular accessory these days. Here is a fun scarf that is made with only single crochet, chains, and working in the back loops. Written pattern can be found here:

Gauge: 6 Sc x 5 Rows in BLO = 2 Inches
Scarf Size: 70 inches wide by 16 inches tall at the hood.
Yarn Needed: 3 Skeins (750 yds) or 16 oz of Lion Brand Color Made Easy, Alabaster

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  1. Please bear with me the video is a little old, but this pattern has been so popular that I just had to edit and share anyway. Here is the written pattern: Important information like scarf size, yarn needed and the gauge are in the description box.

  2. Hi 🙋‍♀️
    I love it 🥰
    I’m making it right now for my daughter
    But I’m stuck on the part that you say we need ti start making the hood
    Help please
    Blessings 🙏

  3. Excellent video. It was filmed up close and each step thoroughly explained and demonstrated. I really enjoyed watching it and can’t wait to start this pattern and make my own!! Thank you for sharing!! And God bless you and your family … in JESUS Name. 👍☺️

  4. Can this be done with a size 4 yarn if so how do I adapt it?

  5. Just liked and subscribed! Beautiful pattern, thank you for the tutorial video! 💕

  6. Mahnaz S says:

    Can you please add the measurement to use different yarn thank you

  7. Toni Hugo says:

    How do I make this hooded scarf for a toddler…thanks

  8. Robi Duke says:

    You are a great instructor! Your knowledge is fantastic, your voice is clear and calming. It is so easy to see your perfect stitches with the light colored yarn! Thank you very much for the great video!

  9. COOL BEANZZZ and yarn!!!!👍🧶💚

  10. Love this hoody, thank you for sharing your talents!

  11. Can you be a little more specific on the yarn. I got a medium (4) size yarn. It is a 5 oz yarn. Will this work

  12. Can I have a patte pattern rote out?

  13. Dominique B. says:

    I must be doing something wrong with all of your hood/scarf videos! I can't figure out how those dimensions fit on an adult 🙁

  14. Jae says:

    I dont understand how row 4 works. After 17 there's 3 chains to get to the hook insert location..

  15. Would I change the number of stitches I chain to start off with if I use a size 4 yarn instead of a size 5? If so by how many? I only have a 4 in the color requested.

  16. asmita damle says:

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely and beautiful pattern. If we make this by small hook (6/5 no ) and wool with less thickness how many stitches should be taken initially .

  17. Luana Lindop says:

    Fabulous scarf. Gonna make it for my granddaughter who moved to Tennessee. She will see cold weather there. Thank you for sharing and best of all, YOU are wonderful!!

  18. Making this for my mother in law for Christmas now! Absolutely love it.

  19. Noelle Boehm says:

    Thank you. I can't to try this.

  20. Noelle Boehm says:

    Thank you Lindsay. I can't wait to try this.

  21. Jw Stanley says:

    This is wonderful. Thank you so much.

  22. Charlyn Cho says:

    I started crocheting this for my husband, easy to follow tutorial. So wonderful. Thanks for your sweet voice tutorial.

  23. Mahnaz S says:

    Sorry to bother you, I use to sowing, when I saw this hooded scarf I really liked it, I divided to start crochet this year ,thats why I still more familiar with drawing and measurment, also I think it helps to do it with different materials,.
    Thank you for all work ur doing 🙏

  24. Nora Abraham says:

    I’m using a J hook. Do you know how to do stich conversion ?

  25. M Ford says:

    This is an amazing tutorial!! You do a GREAT job explaining and it's very easy to keep up! Starting my scarf now 😊

  26. tbirds arm says:

    I have a lot of the 4 wait yarn why would not this do why must we use 5 wait only for this hoodie

  27. Mahnaz S says:

    Could u please give measurements too ,or show the whole picture before showing 🙏

  28. Your tutorial is easy to follow, thank you. I will definately try this today!

  29. Is there a way I can make it smaller for my son?

  30. I'm going to try this for my daughter she seen it and said she'd love it… I'll let u know when I'm done

  31. Xaria Taylor says:

    Can you use a different size hook I can’t find a 7 anywhere

  32. What an awesome vide. I have a 6.5 hook as I have not crocheted in years. More of a sewer. How would I adjust the amount of yarn needed & weight? Or should I jut purchase the 7 hook?

  33. S N says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    Lots of Love from India🙏😊😍

  34. Sophie Piper says:

    Hi how can I make this for a 2 to 3 years old thank you

  35. Thank you so much 😊
    Love the pattern but I don't like white so maybe I'll use darker color

  36. tbirds arm says:

    Why do you have to use a 5 wait yarn?

  37. I’ve followed a lot of crochet tutorials in my day, but never have I followed one so “PRECISE” & Clear…. you are a Blessing to Crocheters…. 🙏 Thank you!

  38. Thank you so very very very MUCH! I LOVE IT!👍🏾

  39. If I was going to use size 4 yarn, is this pattern still possible? I only have size 4 yarn on hand and would like to use my supply.

  40. Aylin Dilber says:

    Such a good teacher you are. It's so beautiful❤