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Crochet Easy Cardigan | Beginner Friendly Tutorial

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This Crochet Cardigan is perfect for the cold weather. It’s easy and simple to make making it suitable for beginners.

I used the Double Crochet stitch and the pattern is simply a repeat of one row.
You can make it using any yarn size as long as you have the shoulder to shoulder measurements.

Take shoulder to shoulder measurements add 5 inches. My measurements were 15 +5 =20 inches of foundation chain for back panel.

I used;

5.0mm hook size
Chunky yarn 8 skeins (100g each)
Tape measure

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  1. AC Crochets says:

    If you love this cardigan, I’ve got a textured cardigan. You can watch it via this link

  2. 👍👏👏❤️💐🍀Süper

  3. I love the ribbing. Lovely tutorial thank you. X

  4. I was just recommended your channel and I am so happy was! Thank you so much for sharing this video, you are a wonderful teacher. 😊😊

  5. D B says:

    Love this! But you are tiny. It will take me months to make one for me!

  6. New here. Great tutorial. Beautiful lady, beautiful hands, beautiful work.

  7. Ann Foxg says:

    Can I please use Tunisian crochet for this cardigan?

  8. Kim Anderson says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you, can't wait to make this 🙂

  9. M L H says:

    This is an another amazing piece of beauty!
    May I ask u to do something (for example sweater), using celtic weaves and cables? 🥰❤

  10. Gina Red says:

    Such a beautiful cardigan. This is probably one if the best tutorials I have watched for this type of garment. Not only is it well explained, you made it so easy to make and I am not overly intimidated. I am excited to make this, thank you so much for sharing ☺

  11. Me encanta..todo lo que haces es hermoso🥰

  12. Liz Jo says:

    Slay!!! love this cardigan…

  13. So beautiful, thank you.and God Bless You.

  14. Saai Agrawal says:

    I will surely try….thnk u

  15. OMGoodness that is just gorgeous. So lovely! The drape is of that yarn is very nice.

  16. Imaani FX says:

    I cannot wait to try this, thank you so much!

  17. manonlong says:

    This was awesome! So easy to follow, and gorgeous as well! Please make more, you are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  18. aspin says:

    I’ve been following along with this tutorial and I have no idea where I went wrong because my chains look nothing like hers 😆

  19. Just started this today wooo thanks girl

  20. You are very talented. I made this sweater. I was a little hesitant as first due to the beauty of the sweater. Your directions were spot on. Love it.

  21. Aww dear..

    I love ur works..

    I wanna join ur fb group pls

  22. Princessa G says:

    Oh my goodness I have to try this! It looks gorgeous 👍🏽

  23. You make it look so easy 😳

  24. Sylviane P says:

    Excuse my english i am french. I love it, so wonderfull. I would like realize it, question :you write 8 balls but how many meters ?
    The french balls are not the same perhaps. A great thank for your answer and for this pattern.
    And, also you are very Nice.

  25. tina wales says:

    Nice, requesting for a tutorial on how to make a poncho please😊

  26. Loise Irungu says:

    Good tutorial,am a tight crocheter what hook size please

  27. Vikki Lazos says:

    Beautiful cardigan. You explain everything so clearly so it's easy to follow. Thanks for sharing dear. Merry Christmas and a safe new year from Australia❤❤

  28. Salut c'est très beau. J'aimerais s'il te plaît savoir où tu te procure ta laine. Je ne trouve pas de laine avec grosse épaisseur

  29. Hi, 👋🏻 just subscribed. This is very interesting. If I can order goods and hooks online I will give this a try. Just not sure how much wool I will need.
    Thank you for sharing I think this will give me something to do during this next lockdown. 😊💞

  30. this is amazingly beautiful

  31. It’s gorgeous 😍, am trying to make one on a knitting loom.

  32. Hi! I just found your channel and hit subscribe immediately! I have the perfect yarn for this cardigan..been waiting for the perfect project for it and this is it! Thank you for sharing your talent!! ❤

  33. Jade M. says:

    Hey! How do you think it will do if I use a size 6 yarn?!

  34. Very beautiful, and it looks really easy, I have never made a Cardigan. I think I can do this.

  35. Jade M. says:

    Hey! I love this sweater so much! Its so simple and easy! So do you know how many yards those 100g balls were that you used?