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Crochet Easy Cable Headband/ Earwarmer

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This is so easy but so beautiful a headband. When you watch this video,you can make it easily.

Hi everyone. Welcome to my channel, you can find easy crocheting tutorials. I will share with you;simple amigurumi toys, blanket models, shawl models, hats and beanies,bag models,socks,cardigans,etc.

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Have a nice day.


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  1. This is so beautiful and can be made using up colored strips so economical too if chosen.Thank you.
    Nice directions.

  2. Beautiful im going to make this thank you God Bless 😊

  3. Gorgeous job. Congratulations.

  4. È bellissima, sono italiana ho capito benissimo il procedimento mi potresti solo dire, per favore, di quante catenelle sono le strisce o la lunghezza in cm è l'unica cosa che nn sono riuscita a capire… Grazie mille 💖

  5. This is so easy to do, thank you darling! Xxx

  6. P S says:

    This is amazing! Thank you!

  7. This is awesome! I love it and will definitely be making some. Thank you for sharing your talent !

  8. I love this kind of has a glittery finish. So beautiful project! Thank you

  9. Ana Cabilao says:

    Thanks, I tried. Not as good but I'm happy with it

  10. Priya P says:

    Can we do it with 3 bands? Like a braid?? Would the process remain the same? BTW, you explained it sooo well!! 😘 Kudos!

  11. Roslyn Smith says:

    Did she say chain 60?

  12. I enjoyed making this with you. Thank you

  13. Hello I like this hair band very much I will try to make it thanks

  14. Very beautiful 💗 thank you for tutorial

  15. dawncore says:

    going to make my mom this for Christmas, and maybe myself one too! 😊 thank you!

  16. Cynthia A says:

    I love your demonstration and your product! Thank you!

  17. Dakhsa Shah says:

    Very…,…..easy I love it

  18. It looks so good. So easy as well. You explained it very well. I'm gonna try making it.

  19. Hi. Is there a stitch count? I'd like to make this for my toddler. Thanks

  20. Thank you so much very good bless you

  21. I like the way you explain and you made it easy to do the headband!! Thank You! Can't wait to crochet it.

  22. JanetLouiseB says:

    It's a wonderful headband. Thank you for taking the time to show us how to make it. I love it!