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Hello Everyone,
today i am going to show you how to crochet this beautiful and easy Braided Stitch.
Great for Blankets, Scarfs and Potsholders.
Have a great time crocheting !

Used Yarn :


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  1. Luna Moona says:

    This woman’s work looks amazing! And it’s so easy to follow. 💖 much appreciation for this magnificent tutorial.

  2. Madhu Arya says:

    Can I make a blanket with this stitch.?

  3. Google user says:

    I absolutely love this stitch and I'm making it for my bed spread…
    To beautiful to not be seen…
    This is a very easy stitch and works up fast…
    Thank you for sharing this with us… Keep them coming (。♡‿♡。)

  4. What kind of yarn are you using? It's gorgeous!

  5. CarJohn says:

    This is an awesome stitch! Think how perfect it would be for 100% cotton yarn hotpads for the kitchen! Yeppers, definitely gonna have to do this! Thank you.

  6. Excellent, excellent step by step instructions! Thank you for a beautiful braid pattern using the puff stitch.

  7. Pat C says:

    Excellent demonstration. I am an intermediate crocheter and your. demo gives me the confidence to try this with your video at my side. Thank you for a wonderful demonstration

  8. Where to use this kind of stitch? Can i use in sweaters

  9. Würdest Du mit diesem Stich auch einen Baby Romper häkeln? Gruss

  10. Very nice and easy to do. Thanks a lot, I love this crochet point 😍 thanks for your explanation too.

  11. Great colour combinations 💗

  12. Thankyou from algeria it's amazing

  13. Hannah Hawk says:

    Excellent tutorial on a stitch I'd always avoided because I'd thought it would be too complicated! Now I know better. Thank you!

  14. Eli Mighty says:

    What a lovely pattern and astonishing explanation. Thank you for this amazing tutorial. All the best❤❤

  15. sharon wazny says:

    i would like to see this in the round.. to make a hat

  16. I would love to make a rug with this pattern! What beautiful yarn!

  17. I wish I could share a picture of my work I’m doing from this. Thank you for teaching us! Very much enjoy your work! Keep it up!

  18. Linda King says:

    Beautiful stitch. Started with 3 puff stitch for 2 rows but I like your outlook better. Can I start the 3 row doing 6 puff stitch instead of the 3 I started with?

  19. Z Yan says:

    &Crochrt Patterns

  20. Can this Puff Braided Stitch, be worked in a ' CircularRound'..? If so, what steps should be done, at the Beginning & End of each row?🤔

  21. Please say which brand of hook do you use?It's too sharp

  22. Very beautiful 😍👏👏

  23. Nadya T says:

    Как вы прекрасно объясняете! Спасибо

  24. Excellent explanation video. Even I could do it and I just love it.. Thank you

  25. It might be worth noting- With typical yarn that has more visible strands, you should loosen your tension (perhaps entirely) while looping the pillow 5 times, and wind each loop in a neat and careful row over the hook, otherwise you will keep snagging strands when you try to pull the hook through all 5 loops.