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crochet & art vlog//cozy and relaxing

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Hello beautiful people!
Relaxing vlog for today. Lots of crocheting & some drawing as I get back into art. Let me know if you all like this style of video! And let me know what else you want to see from me in the future 🙂
I love you all so so so much, and thank you for watching todays video 🥰
Make sure to like and subscribe for some more good vibes, and I will see you all next week with a brand new video💛

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  1. Nina Parker says:

    Could you do an amigumi tutorial im struggling! Your videos makes me wanna crochet but the things I wanna do I can't to 😫

  2. ah i’ve tried for years to crochet but can’t seem to get it lol but i love watching your videos while i’m knitting 😃working on the harry styles jacket rn

  3. How do you make a beanie in crochet? And how to connect the yarn to make a crocheted circle?

  4. valeria yey says:

    I made a cute lil snake!!! It took me a whole day but I’m in love!!! Thank you for inspiring me to crochet it!! xo

  5. I love it And. Am doing a grape plus he

  6. wow bot says:

    I love your videos! ❤️

  7. Bianca Renee says:

    anyone get Joanna Ceddia vibes from her except we actually have the same hobby as her?

  8. dont stop making these types of videos i really like to watch them when im crocheting ❤❤❤

  9. do you ever think you would ever do a live crochet with me? i would personally love to see one, I love all of your videos:) <3

  10. Life_Goes_On says:

    Hi Anna i know u probably wont see this. 🙁 but even if u don't, or if u do, i just wanna let u know that u are such a inspiration to me!!! U helped me get away from the internet and get me into a new hobbies its such a cool thing to do! your videos are so Awesome!. If i could only watch one you tuber for the rest of my life i would chose u over anything! u are such a talented beautiful,polite, and caring person! and thats why i love you so much!!!! if its to much do u recon u could do another 'making crochet creations for my friends '!for example the bees that u crocheted out of your own time for your friends for mid week how lovley of u to do that but yeah i hope u like this message love Scarlett <3

  11. Sierra Jade says:

    I love this video!! I’m here for the crocheting!!

  12. Jam Burger says:

    I love this style video… I don’t have to stay 100% concentrated on it so it allows me too crochet along with you. It was nice and calming and I really enjoyed watching it!

  13. Cute videoo! I love ittt! 😍

  14. You made my day with your videos ⭐, Your channel is the mirror of yourself and I think everybody can see that you are authentic and genuine. I wanna give you as much support as I can and for sure i will be here when you will publish your next video🙂!! we also create video and i would love if you could check them ❤️

  15. Alyssa H. says:

    I love watching these crochet and art vlogs, so thank you Anna!❤️ I am crocheting a cardigan while watching 🙂

  16. Minipigs 101 says:

    I love your videos so much thank you for sharing your crochet journey 😁

  17. you should look at ravelry! lots of patterns and communities 👍

  18. Luchía 918 says:

    Do you have an etsy shop?

  19. Eunyul Hwang says:

    Can you show us how you’re holding the crochet hook? It looks different from what I’ve seen!

  20. Angel says:

    How to keep the edges straight tho😩😩 I can't keep mine straight😩

  21. Such a great video! So cool to see your art too!!! So talented =)

  22. aymuh says:

    how do you draw your lines so straight omg

  23. If your reading this you matter im proud of you!

  24. no joke my face literally brightened up when i saw ur post cuz i like crocheting while watching ur vids ❤️