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#crochet #crochetalpinestitch #alpinestitch

Hello Everyone,
today I am going to show you how to crochet this beautiful Alpine Stitch.
Great for Blankets , Scarfs …. super easy great for Beginners.


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  1. This is a beautiful stitch! You demonstrated it very well! I'm going to try it.. Thank you!

  2. Alyss says:

    This was so easy to follow and understand. Great camera angle and super explicit. Thank you!

  3. Liz Carlson says:

    You are a very good teacher; you explain things so well and why you are doing it the way you are. Thank you.

  4. L S says:

    I spent years not knowing this trick and just made large granny squares into blanket size. My best friend taught me to do my foundation chain in a hook that was a size up from the one I planned to use for the project. Then at end of chain, change to smaller hook, works for me every time, I think it has to do with the hand tension different people crochet with, some crocheters don’t need this trick. Hope this helps !

  5. Hi! I love your pattern but I have a quick question 😅. So I was having some issues with it curling up on me but at the time I was using a size 4 yarn. If I use a size 5 or 6, will I still have the same problem? Thank you so much!!

  6. Only here I could learn this stitch though I had tried before from some other videos of other people . Thanks

  7. Nom_nom says:

    Thank you for this easy tutorial, I just finished my very first shawl thanks to you.

  8. Dee Welch says:

    Good instructions. Thx!

  9. Nikki Scott says:

    Hi Claudetta! Thank you for explaining both stitches so well. This was such a beautiful swatch. Beautiful yarn too,👍🎄🤗

  10. Would be nice (and usefull) you write down the 3 rows needed in the box below the video.

  11. Thanks for the great video. Very easy to follow your directions!

  12. Love 💘 going to do it for afgain

  13. Decided after trying this stitch out love it, Btw going to make a scrap blanket. Thanks for such clear instructions.

  14. Thank you! Your tutorials are so easy to follow, I managed to try this stitch and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for showing it several times so we can really get it right!

  15. Melek Gunes says:

    Merhabalar harika oruyosunuz ben ingilizce bilmediğim icin sizden rica etsem türkce alt yazınız olursa sizi takip etmek isterim tesekur ederim😙

  16. Such a very beautiful stitch! Excellent Tutorial video! You did it so well. Thank you very much!😍 I am a fan.

  17. Thank u so much for this clear, informative tutorial. I will be watching again soon. God bless 😁

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  19. Wonderful. What a fun stitch. Thank you!

  20. Vera C says:

    I am a baby brand new, and I mean brand new crocheter. Your video was so easy to follow! Your voice is so soothing. I am actually doing something other than just a scarf of single crochet! Thank you!

  21. Julie Gonne says:

    What size of yarn would you recommend? I am using a 6mm but it looks so small and tiny compare to yours 🙁

  22. MARY LAZAROU says:


  23. plz support my crochet channel🙏 It's my YouTube channel plz subscribe and share as much as possible with frnd and fmly on every social media🙏

  24. Shahina S says:

    Beautiful! You explained clearly. Thank you.

  25. Can you teach how to increase and decrease in this crochet stitch for a puff sleeve sweater ☺️☺️.

  26. Cynthia F says:

    Great explanation! I thought it was going to be much more difficult until I followed along to this video. I think this might be my new favorite style!!

  27. Nice explenation…make me easy to understend…thank you

  28. I can't believe how easy it is! I love the effect that going behind every other post gives it. Thank you so much.

  29. Mary H says:

    You are very good at teaching how to crochet, You make it easy to learn. And such beautiful patterns!
    Thank you!

  30. - Fevs says:

    Is there a written guide to this stitch? I'm struggling due to memory issues and trying to find the correct part of the video tutorial.

  31. Naj Dollang says:

    I watched lots of videos on this same stitch but only understand your's thank you so much 🥰

  32. Thanks for this how-to.

  33. Fauzia Khan says:

    Thank you so much 😊 really love this pattern & the ending part of the row is very interesting 😊💓

  34. It would be nice if 8 could get an answer, please. Why does it curl up so badly?

  35. Hi, I'm not a beginner at all, but I've started this, for a Afghan, two separate times now, why is mine curling so badly, please? I went up a size in hook and am crocheting loosely. I just don't understand. Can you suggest please? Thank you. It's a beautiful pattern

  36. Thanks I appreciate. Excelente presentación, is perfect 🙏❤️

  37. Pls help me to get this yarn coz I want to crochet and how much each thanks

  38. Anny Beimers says:

    It was very nice to follow you and listen .Thank you.

  39. Honestly you’re going too fast in certain areas to be teaching someone who’s never crocheted before

  40. Safa Qasem says:

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  41. I've somehow managed to make a completely different stitch😶🥴😪