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Crochet a HARRY STYLES INSPIRED CARDIGAN with me ♡ and help me fix it lol

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Hi guys!!
Welcome back for a new video! I hope you enjoyed this one even though it was a bit different!

Here is the link to my basic stitches video!

Here is a link for the yarn, I haven’t used this website so I can’t vouch for it as I get my yarn locally, but here is one option:—500g-ball—26-shades-4067-p.asp

Alternatively you can look up Faircroft Junior Colours on Amazon and they will come up!

Music by Gil Wanders – Dreams –
Music by Pure Mids – These Days –

Insta: @emmanicph
Buisness Enquiries only:

Thanks again guys!!
Love Emma x


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  1. I don't even like Harry styles but I like the colors

  2. hi!! i love ur works🤍🤍 i was wondering, if my pieces came out as 5×5 inches instead, is there any way it will affect my end product?

  3. Eléonore says:

    thank you for sharing the link to the yarn you bought!! i finally found the super chuncky yarn i was missing for my cardigan! i’ve been searching for a long time and even called all the shops in paris ahah

  4. What can I do to make it bigger? Is simply adding more squares an option? 🙂 Absolutely love the cardigan!! :))

  5. grace platt says:

    What size hook did you use?

  6. buzz lightyear vibes 😩 i’m doing this rn, but i need to know what type of yarn you used, was it medium weight?

  7. I love your channel 😍❤️🤍

  8. GemmaXx says:

    How much yarn did you use for this?

  9. lobshee says:

    ok im gonna try make this and update everyday 🙂
    day 1: i managed to make four and a half squares!!! im going to do more tomorrow
    day 2: i finished my half and made four more and now i have 9 🙂
    day 3: i only got to make 2 bcs i was rly busy 🙁 but now i have 11 total
    day 4: i have 14 total for the white yarn and started doing my blue yarn so 15 total
    day 5: i made four more so now i have 19 total !!
    day 6: i made two so now its 22 total

  10. Mochipeach says:

    Mine did not turn 6.5 inch it turn out to be 6 inch(talking about the squaress) is it okay? Or should i do 6.5?

  11. currently doing this tutorial and the patches are taking me foreverrrr i feel like i will still be doing them by december 2021 and i started last year

  12. so pretty!! gives me buzz light year vibes💜💚🤍

  13. i actually made this cardigannnnn!!! eee it was so much fun i worked on it for 2 weeks and finished it aha. im only 13 and this was a big project thank you!!

  14. Yvin says:

    If you were making this for a larger person, would you make the squares bigger or would you just need more squares?

  15. Wong Szye says:

    it looks like buzz lightyear I love it

  16. Thanthar San says:

    Heyy I had a question so when u are adding the ribbing, what do u do when u have less ribbing then the actual squares?? Thank you

  17. Hii are the side of the squares suppose to curve up since of the turnning stich since we're like incresing it?

  18. I'm making it right now

  19. you’re doing a double stitch but is the sweater going to turn out as good as yours if i would use the single stitch? 💞

  20. How long did it take to make it xxx love it

  21. Hi I would love it if u could turn Harry Styles Cardigan into a crop top (A crop top inspired by A Harry Styles Cardigan) that would be so cute and maybe a matching shorts too if u have the time

    I love your vids i just started crocheting this november and i have done making the the bag in the 1 ball of yarn gift set and now currently making the bucket hat

  22. ezgi says:

    It seemed easy until I started doing it 😿💓

  23. cameron says:

    ahhh what’s the pattern for the skirt?

  24. I've been stalking this channel and it inspired me to start to crochet. I'm ordering the materials online❤️

  25. 于玹邱 says:

    On my god I love it but it is too big for me how can I do for it?

  26. Nano H says:

    What about the skirt?!i wanna it long if u plz show it in a video🖤🖤

  27. Pretty dostlar kanalima abune olmaqa devet edirem❤🥰🤗

  28. bubuwu says:

    Alguien que pueda explicarlo en español? Osea sé que hay que hacer 50 pero no se si cuenta el triángulo

  29. Shica says:

    Even though its an overview your instructions are clearer then many of the tutorials out there…learnt alot.. especially when it comes to attaching the pieces together..thanks. 😊

  30. Nawal asif says:

    Drop the tutorial of the skirt plz

  31. how long did it take to make the cardigan😲😍