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Celtic Weave Crochet Stitch

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Today I show you how to crochet the Celtic Weave crochet stitch. This stitch is a more advanced stitch and will require some knowledge of the treble crochet front and back post stitch. It is a beautiful stitch though that creates a lovely chunky texture, perfect for wash cloths, headbands, bags and so much more!

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  1. Love the UK and American terminology. Allows more people to understand

  2. Shraddha va says:

    I actually learn this stich from this video…. you are an amezing teacher….very clear instructions

  3. You are an excellant teacher. Explaining every stitch.

  4. Dude says:

    I was looking for a stitch for a baby blanket for my nephew. This looks great, good tutorial, but a no for the blanket. I definitely don't have the patience for this, especially when nobody would recognize the work I would've put into it ^^

  5. Sophie Jose says:

    That’s so pretty they look like waves…will try 😍

  6. Lilly Parker says:

    You might want to put the skill level in the title

  7. hrdwkmama says:

    I wish I could send you a picture of what I've done so far, it's beautiful! I'm making a baby blanket in all white for my grandson's blessing. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial.

  8. Ooh coming from the back on the skipped stitched is smart!

  9. I love your Videos, I've been working this pattern in a scarf but it keeps rolling in on its self how do I get it to stop doing that?? Any recommendations 😅

  10. Foxella99 says:

    Nice an good tutorial but me can’t do cause hard

  11. Bunny Lady says:

    I like your crochet hook, looks like a Clover Amour 😍😍😍

  12. Thank god for this video I tried to do this stitch after reading a written tutorial and cried out of frustration. I can actually do it now

  13. Just awesome!!!! Love your simple and clear instructions😍😍

  14. Thank You!!!! I was ready to abandon this stitch but decided to give your video a go and your style got it through to my brain! You saved my mother in law’s Christmas scarf 😂😂❤️. Love from Virginia

  15. Fludrby West says:

    Thank you but no not I, 🥴 I don’t think I will be doing this stitch 🤪
    I can make a mess with that one, you have done a beautiful job and it is a beautiful mess 😍🤩 😘🥰

  16. Janice Moore says:

    I REALLY appreciate that you continued to do rows – even though they were repetitions of previous rows. I needed the extra (continual) support. Thank you very much for your clear instructions.

  17. Melodie D says:

    Beautiful!! Someone asked me to make her an afghan using this stitch. I watched this video (which was very good!), I decided that she couldn't stuff enough $100 bills in a school bus to pay me to make this.

  18. smokeywood says:

    UK terminology makes zero sense.

  19. Greta Martin says:

    I tried this stitch and it turned out great! I love your channel

  20. Your a good teacher and I don’t think I want to try this ,I can’t imagine a bad teacher trying to explain this 😳

  21. Why am I watching this I’m a beginner! 😤

  22. Thank you so much I’m very grateful

  23. Adri Smit says:

    If you are left-handed, do you work it in the exact opposite?

  24. Adri Smit says:

    Hi. I'm from South Africa. Why does it have to be a posted stich?

  25. Very interesting, Looks quite complicated, but at the end it looks quite neat.. I’ lol have try ..

  26. Laura Lara says:

    You explain this so well, Thank you. I could understand everything you were talking about.

  27. Amazing! I'm a beginner with no patience so instead of starting easy my mind goes "oooooh i wanna do that!"
    Thanks for teaching me this technique. Really good video, good speed and you talking me through it was very helpful. Appreciate it❤️

  28. Love the tutorial but on earth are you doing it with such a tiniest hook & yarn, they are so small. Can't even see the stitches, with glasses. 🤔🙄

  29. Wait! Your name is Laura?? All this time I thought your name was Berry. Darn! I had this cool image of you being all Bohemian and Love-Child-ish. Shucks. Ah, well. Another myth bites the dust.

  30. Super travail mais deja pour une tricoteuse experimentee – Merci pour ce partage !

  31. Elke Ellis says:

    Your instruction couldn't be better!
    My plan was to use this stitch for a wall hanging because it looks absolutely perfect for that purpose. BUT, somehow I don`t see me ever completing it… Hahaha! I will give it a try however just to see if I'm up to the challenge. We never know what we're capable of until we try, right? 🙂

  32. Your handiwork is very beautiful, I'm from Bangladesh,,,,

  33. I am crochetting a Afghan with this stitch , is it normal for yhe blanket to start curling during the first six rows?

  34. smebird67 says:

    Thank you for your excellent tutorial. I so enjoyed listening to you that trying over and over again was a pleasure. I am now comfortable with the pattern and I love it!

  35. BJ Carbo says:

    I'm 59 and was taught to crochet by age 10 by crocheting fancy borders on ALL my mother's (and other relatives) wash cloths. And I had to make them all different and this was with that tiny cotton thread. So I've had a love/hate relationship with crochet most of my life. But I had a revelation today with your video – I NEED something complicated like this to be interesting! I need unusual! Thank you SO much! Gotta run order some yarn and dig out my crochet hooks!