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Amigurumi Bumblebee | Crochet Bee Tutorial 🐝 (The Famous TikTok Bee Pattern 😅)

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Crochet along with me to make yourself a fat squishy oversized amigurumi bumble bee – super simple and easy enough for even a beginner to make. Are you ready to make your chubby (chub-BEE 😂 ) buzzy friend? This chonky bee has been made famous by TikTok! If you want to make a giant plush version, follow the pattern, all you need change is the yarn and your hook size.

Written pattern on my blog here:

How to crochet the magic ring:


Yarn in bumblebee colours! Yellow, black and white for the wings

Scrap of pink and black yarn for the face

Hook size: Smaller than your yarn recommends to keep your stitches tight

10mm Safety Eyes

Stitch Marker (Mine is handmade by “What Mustard Made” )

Large eye needle for weaving in ends and sewing wings to the body


0:00 Materials!
2:06 Pattern Starts
10:24 Face
22:18 Body
35:47 Wings


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  1. Got a question? Check this first! 👇

    📌 What is an increase? An increase is simply two single crochet stitches into the same place 🙂

    📌 HELP I CAN'T CROCHET! If you haven't crocheted before I have videos for the individual stitches themselves so you can master them before leaping into amigurimi 😀👉

    📌 How do I make a giant bee like the one on TikTok? Follow this pattern; the only difference is the yarn thickness! If you want a big bee, use fatter yarn and a larger hook. No need to add extra stitches or double the pattern.

    📌 You are going TOO FAST! You can slow the speed of the video yourself – this video shows you how 😀👉

    📌 I'M STRUGGLING, IT'S A MESS! Don't panic. Crochet takes time and practice to master. Your first few items will look a bit crappy but THAT'S OK! Your stitches and ami projects will drastically improve very quickly if you practice! You got this 🙂

    📌 Do you have any more amigurumi videos? Yes I do! I have a playlist of my videos here:

  2. ive never been this determined to do anything in my life before, but I HATE IT HERE ITS SO HARD WHAT I DONT GET IT- IVE BEEN TRYING FOR LIKE THREE HOURS NOW WHAT HOW PLS

  3. I did it and it came out well. Thanks and bless you for teaching us so clearly. 👍😌

  4. I think i made a new specie…

  5. Patti G says:

    Where did you get your stitch marker I would love to get one similar to that. x

  6. I loved the video, I don't speak English but thanks to your explanations I could understand how to do it. THANKS

  7. what if i want to make it bigger?

  8. Alyson says:

    This is so therapeutic to watch 😊 I want to start learn to crochet now

  9. Song밍키 says:

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ccccuuuuuuuutttttee

  10. Ines Real says:

    I tried to do with happy chenille, but I can't see the stitches… I'm sad😭

  11. Lily says:

    I have NEVER crocheted in my life, and I was able to complete this bee:)

  12. Maddie Spat says:

    the only thing i ever crocheted before was a bunch of snails, i can't wait to try making this, its soooo cute!

  13. 29:20 (i'm just reminding my future self where I stopped)

  14. hi i am 14 years old and i love crochet, this little bee is very cute. I did and loved the result, thank you !!!
    I'm sorry if I said a wrong word, because I'm from Brazil and I don't speak much English😣😊🐝👏

  15. Nora George says:

    Heyyy I learned magic circle but when I keep making it big it is small and it will curl up everytime

  16. Luna Moona says:

    That is the chonkiest bee I’ve ever seen and I love him he deserves all the flowers.

  17. Salma Lopez says:

    I need to know what kind of yarn she is using

  18. Shar Cole says:

    I tagged you on Instagram showing off the fat lil bumblebee I made. Thank you for this tutorial

  19. I know I’m late on this video 😅 but I am confused.. my bee looks much smaller than yours, maybe cuz I used a smaller yarn? But it looked like the same size to me 🤔 oh well. Also, my bee is not as round and chubby as yours! I’m 99% sure I did it wrong cuz I lost track on counting single stitches and increase stitches… I’m also pretty sure I messed up badly on the wings, but it’s my first bee🤪 but definitely not my first amigurumi👀

  20. Denise Ames says:

    I don't think I'm doing this right mine keeps curving up and it's doing so in the first round. Doe the thickness of the yarn matter? And does the fabric of the yarn matter as well?

  21. Estella S says:


  22. Alisa Maps says:

    Я одна тут русская?

  23. He is not ridiculously fat…


  24. Suha Ffuy says:

    Oh my God, thank you very much. You taught me how to do a magic circle, how to decrease a stitch and increase a stitch. I mean, I made my first amigurumi bumblebee ever…41 minutes are worth the while
    Thank you very much 💚

  25. simgal says:

    My bee isn’t curving the way yours does. Any tips?

  26. Alexia N says:

    Do you need a stitch marker?

  27. ooo I really love this pattern it was really easy to understand as a beginner (even though I’ve been knitting for 3 years ) thank you so much for making this !!!

  28. Necesito los subtítulos en español :"(
    I need the subtitles in Spanish.