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Absolute Beginner Crochet Hat – Matches Mitten

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Free PDF pattern:

The matching mitten tutorial:

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Hooks I like:

Yarn is Red Heart with Love in dusty grape

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  1. How do we attach the Pom Pom ?

  2. Lisa Kotz says:

    I grabbed a few skeins of this gorgeous alpaca blend, but it's super bulky 6 weight. Has anyone ever made a thing and decided they didn't like it, unraveled it all and used the yarn to make something else? I just don't want to waste this yarn but I'm afraid the hat won't be so cute and slouchy like Melanie's.

  3. Is there a pattern I can download and print out?

  4. Roseanna Foy says:

    Just a question how long did it take to make? Mine seems to be taking ages to complete 😭

  5. Could you please tell me the length of the yarn used? Thank youu you are sooo helpful 🥰✨

  6. Euryalus says:

    all i ever needed was a nice American lady to tell me to relax while teaching me to make a nice hat :^)

  7. wendy murray says:

    I just sat and watched this tutorial and it's awesome, I'm a newbie to crochet but I managed to follow it fine, my only panick moment was when you're away to start sewing it up and you said to use a long piece of wool but I couldn't tell where your's came from, eg if it was the strand you had been using, did you cut it and use a whole new piece? So I'm gonna make one and see how it is when I get to that point, thank you for making this a simple but clear to follow video 🙂

  8. Jordyn Ferry says:

    just finished making mine and im so in love its a bit long but i have a huge head and lots of hair so im not complaining

  9. Its seconds after me finishing my hat I'm so happy it this is my first crochet project and it looks amazing!! It took me like three days to make that's including getting more wool, but i am so pleased. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  10. My Google77 says:

    So the first chain (15 inches) is the actual length of the hat from the forehead to the pom pom if added? And the 21 inches is the circumference of your head? I loved this video I made my first ever hat but it ended up being for a giant 😅

  11. Hi melenie, thank you for sharing this beautiful hat tutorial , love it made it for my daughter, clear and easy instructions, brilliant teacher , greetings from Derry in N Ireland x x

  12. This explanation is AWESOME! I cant wait to try it out ☺️

  13. Just started making this, thank you for an easy to follow tutorial.

  14. How much yarn will be necessary for this project?

  15. I forgot which stitch row I was on. How can I tell which stitch row I m on? help!

  16. Just crocheted my first hat! Thanks for this great tutorial!

  17. Jess says:

    its like she knows what im thinking in my head when i see her do the endings, and she’s talking back, it’s like blues clues for adults crocheting i love it

  18. Oh my gosh thank you so much for sharing how many inches to make the chain!

  19. I had fun following u Make a hat and I also subscribe your account

  20. Does it matter what size hook I use?

  21. Can we do it the same pattern for our gloves?

  22. Janet Hardy says:

    Where is the pattern for this crochet beanie

  23. Malvina Ivan says:

    I made one. Thank you for the video,it is truly amazing to see what you can do with your hands. I'm going to make for my whole family.

  24. Lenny#0306 says:

    Thank you! This is the first project I ever actually finished

  25. I just finished making a hat for the winter during quarantine and I love it sooo much! Thankyou!☺

  26. Ann Lambert says:

    Outstanding……..Thx for sharing your talent.🌲❄⛄

  27. I love the look but this hat ended up way, way to loose around my head by following the measurment chart. It won't stay put. I wish I would have made it at least 2 inches shorter.

  28. What is the hook size and were is the pattern found

  29. Val Masters says:

    Thanks this was really helpful!

  30. BaileyB says:

    i just made my first hat!! i have never crocheted a day in my life but just finished my beanie. super easy tutorial to follow, thank you so much!

  31. giraffe says:

    I know most likely no one will answer this but please help me aha, after I did the first single crochets down, it curled up for me and wasn’t straight like hers. is that okay?? should I keep going? it also became a lot shorter:(

  32. chester14rw says:

    really beginner friendly

  33. I was making this for my brother, and somehow when I was knitting, it kind of shrinked and got smaller…… Are there any precautions on how to avoid that??? Please share….

  34. Hi.. Miss Melanie, how many yards can be used for this project? Thank You!🙏❤

  35. Nancy M. says:

    Nice hat and pattern but the video is virtually useless without going over the basics like yarn weight, hook size, exact measurements for a completed hat and instructions on how to make a pom pom….