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30 Minute Crochet Baby Hat (Squishiest!)

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These cute crochet baby hats work up in just 30 minutes.
FREE Written pattern here:

You can switch the colors and easily make it as a crochet baby girl hat or a crochet baby boy hat.

The video shows you how to make a crochet newborn baby hat with ears. You can visit my blog for the bigger sizes here:

Sizes include:
Crochet Newborn Hat
Crochet Baby Hat 0-3 months
Crochet Baby Hat 3-6 months
Crochet Baby Hat 6-12 months

This is a perfect crochet newborn hat for beginners. The ears make it really cute and the chunky yarn makes it nice and squishy.

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You can get the hat labels here:

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  1. Pat Golner says:

    I am inspired by all your vidoes! I have made 4 of the squishy baby blanket for 4 of our new grandlittles! They love them! I have now tried the hat! Made 3 but my ending join looks really weird not smooth. Any hints? I watch video nonstop! Lastly any chance more projects with this beautiful yarn for babies and adts that are beginner friendly! Adore you!

  2. Your instructions are fantastic!

  3. Renita Perin says:

    I did it! So simple, the directions were spot on. Thank you ❣️

  4. This hat ist top cute😍😍😍. I crocheted it for my friend.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! I was looking for gift ideas for my unborn cousins! 🤗

  6. do you by chance have a tutorial for making this for an adult?

  7. jbrewrr1 says:

    Super simple! I've made 2 already and can't wait to gift them❤🎅

  8. I really want to try this, but I only have medium (weight 4) "normal" yarn. Would that work too?

  9. melanie says:

    how can i make this in adult size ?

  10. Once again this was a great tutorial. It was not hard but I got a little mixed up, and finally figured it out after starting over several times. But it worked out so great. I am waiting for my great-nephew to be born tonight or in the morning so I just decided to make this little hat after making the 1 hour and 1.5 hour beanies. It turned out so cute. I can't wait to meet him and I cannot wait to see him in this little hat. Thank you

  11. Thank you for the tutorial. Clear and easy to follow.

  12. MummaBear says:

    I love your tutorials!! Is there any way I can make this pattern bigger? I have a daycare and want to make some for my Littles for Christmas 🙂 I have two 14-month-olds and a 3-year-old. Not going to lie, I kind of want one for myself too 😉

  13. I would love to make the bigger sizes but I don’t know where to find them

  14. Carla Maria says:

    I love this. Can anyone confirm if the hats stay securely on the head? I always struggle with that.

  15. Knitting loom would be great idea to make these.

  16. Julie Lazart says:

    Is your link not working? I am trying to find the pattern for the 6-12 month size?

  17. Thank you! I made this today and I plan to make more <3

  18. Yes!! Making beanies for my 1st granddaughter coming in January! This will be perfect. Love the way you teach!