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25+ CROCHET HACKS FOR BEGINNERS [Pro-Tips from a Crocheter with 20 Years Experience]

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Learn 25+ crochet tips, tricks, and hacks that I use daily to make crochet fun and picture-perfect.

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I’m excited to partner with my friends at WeCrochet to bring you this video. Check out some of the great products just for crocheters on their website:

-Foundation Crochet Stitches:
-The Pomodoro Method:
-Indispensable Stitch Collection (Leapman):
-Connect the Shapes (Eckman):
-Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary (Ohrenstein):
-Crochet Stitch Dictionary (Hazell):
-Every Which Way Crochet Borders (Eckman):

1 – Storing tapestry needles 0:43
2 – Storing crochet hooks 0:57
3 – Crochet essentials pouch 1:22
4 – Doubling yarn 1:56
5 – Threading a tapestry needle 2:20
6 – Easy slip knot 2:40
7 – Crocheting in the chain 3:05
8 – Foundation stitches 3:26
9 – DIY yarn bowl 4:30
10 – Avoid twisting your chain 5:01
11 – Joining to work in the round 6:01
12 – Avoid holes at end of row 6:24
13 – Invisible decrease 7:25
14 – Alternative stitch markers 8:20
15 – Use markers to count chains 9:11
16 – Mark stitch for storage 9:48
17 – Maintain stitch count in rows 10:10
18 – Knotless color change 10:57
19 – Carry yarn when striping 11:33
20 – Join as you go granny squares 12:18
21 – Invisible join in the round 14:24
22 – Standing double crochet 15:33
23 – Crocheting evenly along rows 16:28
24 – Weaving in ends the RIGHT way 17:09
25 – Best time management method 18:05
26 – Best books for your crochet library 18:47

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  1. I am literally a “newborn” with crocheting 🧶. I have to admit I am totally stealing your time management tip. Thank you for your videos!! Learning so much it’s exciting 😱😍

  2. I had to subscribe. These are the best crocheting tips have seen on the web> Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nancy Wise says:

    I loved the video it was very informative especially the books. You talked about the different stitching and showed us how to do them ,it made all the difference in being able to understand what you were telling us. I Truely wish everyone would take the same initiative to do the same as you.. Your video was very helpful. THANK YOU.

  4. Love all your tips. Most of them I have been doing for years. But I got a couple new ones

  5. Diane Haight says:

    The invisible join! Thank you for several of these tweaks! I have done crochet on & off for 48 years & knitting for 2. I think my next project will be another Granny Square…SOMETHING! I can use several of those tips so this ol' gal won't forget any of her NEW TRICKS!

  6. STACEY BELT says:

    YOU ARE SO AMAZING! I love this video and will probably be watching it multiple times a day until I have memorized it all!

  7. Karen Smith says:

    Thank you, I'm glad I found you!! I've only been crocheting for a couple of weeks and you have taught me that a stitch includes both bits of yarn!! 😆. I have so much to learn from you!

  8. Alison Ford says:

    First YouTube vid I hit that like button for. I learned how to crochet maybe 5 years ago, but have been doing it regularly for the last 3 years and was surprised to learn at least 3 new tricks from this video! Well done T! My first like, well earned

  9. Leigh Craig says:

    I am envious of your shelving and your overall craft room, bright and cheery.

  10. Loved your tip on keeping ends with holes and the tip on joining grany squares

  11. esemprun says:

    Just gold! Thank you for the tips 🥰

  12. I really like the tip on straight edges, thank you!

  13. Cecil Rybak says:

    I've used bread bag ties as stitch markers before 😂

  14. I have tried every which way to begin a row, your way looks the best. Thanks bunches!

  15. Carol Clark says:

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful tips. I’m just picking up crocheting again for 30 years. Your tips have been priceless. 😊💚😊💚

  16. karleedu says:

    I loved the part about the ends and how to make them look better (without the holes at the end)

  17. I love the way to thread your needle and also how to weave in the ends. Awesome!!! I also definitely going to add those books to my library. Please enter me in your contest

  18. This video is seriously amazing! I’m just a beginner but these tips are very easy to follow

  19. There were so many tips that will help me improve my crocheting, how to join granny squares, using the stitch markers to help count stitches because I am a new crocheter and counting stitches gets me a lot. But each of the tips here I will take with me ( plus I saved it to my crochet library for future reference) and I am sure my crochet projects will get better. Thank you

  20. Hey Sis Hey!!
    I just love your hacks. They helped me so very much. I've been crocheting for 30 plus years. It's my passion, a blessing and a gift God gave my hands to create beautiful projects. I just learned how to knit. I am always open to learning new techniques with crochet and knitting. Your hacks are wonderful and I saved your video in my file for me to go back when needed. I also subscribed to your channel, IG and blog. The yarn bowl hack was my absolute favorite! I actually use a mixing bowl that already has a loop connected. Having that bowl to hold that getaway yarn is a dream come true, lol. So in love with DIY's and they save me so much money as well, lol. Thanks so much Sis for sharing your crochet hacks. Looking forward to learning more. Take care and God bless you in Jesus name amen. Happy New Year! 🍾😄

  21. Tip #7 is so helpful omg why did I not know this?!

  22. GURL. I love this whole thing, I love your setup, I love ALL your yarn colors, and these tips are chef’s kiss 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  23. These tips are so great! Also, you explain things clearly and don’t go toooooo fast when demonstrating. Thanks!

  24. Earnie Wade says:

    This helped sooo much. Just loaded with great tips. So much I didn't know I was doing wrong

  25. i must say your videos are simply the best, your work is flawless thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all.

  26. Diane Flynn says:

    Thank you so much for these very useful tips. I am self-taught and have encountered many bumps along the way. So much more to learn. Your videos have been very helpful. Thank you again!!

  27. mercyxmutual says:

    Omg the tip for preventing holes makes so much sense idk how I never thought of it

  28. Friday G says:

    The back bump one is sooo helpful. I learned it from somewhere else but when I learned it just looked so much neater on my work

  29. Rosie906 says:

    Wow, I wish I saw this video a year ago. I love how you do the seamless join!

  30. Thank you so much! I am new to the crotch world. Hand massages with a cold bottle (just roll your hands over the bottle) and or use a stress ball. My favorite tip was the books resources. Thank you again

  31. K Heath says:

    The seamless chain join in the Granny Square (around 15:15) is absolute gold!!

  32. So much great information in one amazing video!

  33. Nina C Dowdy says:

    I liked the joining granny squares the best, but also not leaving holes at the ends or beginnings of a row.

  34. Thanks for the advice! Love the way to change color

  35. Pat Sanders says:

    Can't name a favorite, but there are several that I'll be using starting today! Thanks

  36. Sandra White says:

    My favourites parts of your video are: The standing double crochet stitch, the stretchy first row technique, joining motifs and the invisible decrease. And of course the crochet books suggested. Thankyou.

  37. I really like your formula for crocheting the sides of your work. It makes good sense and works out mathematically for both sides. Thanks!

  38. You are pretty amazing! I learned so much in your short and to the point (thank you!) tutorial.

  39. This absolute newbie greatly appreciates your tips! Love the organization tips, I LOVE me some nice organization lol Once I get going on more projects, starting at wash clothes and a scarf 😄 I'll be looking back on this video. One thing I would like help with is, how to track/ count rows. I'm not that good at deciphering between rows and often loose count. Thank you!

  40. AlmudenaVG says:

    Thanks a lot for your great explanations!! Please, excuse my poor english. I'm from Spain and I've just become your fan! 🌹🌹👏👏

  41. LilLatidah says:

    You are awesome! Thanks for posting.

  42. my favorite is working around the stitch not through the stich in "working evenly down the side"

  43. Wow! I really love all of your tips for crocheting better! I knew a couple of them but with this video I reinforced the technique much better. You explain things so easily. Thanks! ☺️👋🏼✨

  44. WOW in all the years–well past years I have crocheted, I have NEVER seen a foundation chain made like this. No wonder mine foundation chains are so tight! This has been an eye opener for me. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!