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16 Essential Crochet Stitches and Skills Every Beginner Should Know – Beginner Crochet Master Class

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Wow! I’m so glad so many of you are enjoying this video 😊 Being one of my first videos, it’s a little tough for me to watch back 🙈 I think I’ve upped my filming and explaining skills since this video so if you liked this one, you’ll probably love what I’ve been up to lately! Check out my whole crochet playlist of videos here:

*I should note, all terms in this video are US crochet terms!*

If you’re looking for a specific stitch from this video, click on the easy access time stamps below:
0:00 Single Crochet (sc)
1:53 Half Double Crochet (hdc)
4:40 Double Crochet (dc)
7:20 Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc)
8:36 Back Post Double Crochet (bpdc)
9:56 Front Post Back Post Ribbing
12:05 Treble/Triple Crochet
14:34 Basic Stitch Decreases
18:49 Working into the Back Loop (bl/blo)
19:53 The Griddle Stitch
21:57 The Puff Stitch
27:57 The Suzette Stitch
29:35 The Classic Granny Square

I hope this compilation of essential crochet techniques helps you in all your crochet endeavors! Please subscribe if you haven’t already for more crochet fun!

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  1. If you're looking for a specific stitch from this video, click on the easy access time stamps:

    Single Crochet (sc): 0:05

    Half Double Crochet (hdc): 1:53

    Double Crochet (dc): 4:40

    Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc): 7:20

    Back Post Double Crochet (bpdc): 8:36

    Front Post Back Post Ribbing: 9:56

    Treble/Triple Crochet: 12:05

    Working into the Back Loop (bl/blo): 18:49

    Basic Stitch Decreases: 14:34

    The Griddle Stitch: 19:53

    The Puff Stitch: 21:57

    The Suzette Stitch: 27:57

    The Classic Granny Square: 29:35

  2. this is basically loom bands but more classy

  3. Thank you for this video 😊

  4. hi hello says:

    great vid <3, one question tho: what do you do after one row of fpdc/bpdc/ribbing
    edit: oh nvm i just got to doing my fist ribbing stitch and i realized how to continue it

  5. I found this the simplest easy way to learn the stitches I hadn’t crochet for many years and need to refresh great .

  6. Thank you very much. A very good reference for beginners.

  7. Diane R says:

    With the Suzette stitch, I'd skip every other chain in the first row. Otherwise, I think you may be making twice as many stitches in the first row. It seems crowded.

  8. Diane R says:

    A Susan Bates hook has less of a curve than a Boye hook. Looks like you're crocheting with a Bates hook, which I find much easier and quicker to use as well.

  9. Diane R says:

    Rather than stitch in the air between your extended index finger and thumb, just crochet on top of your index finger. Much easier and quicker. There are some videos that use this other technique. It also creates a more consistent tension.

  10. I love it! You helped me soo much!

  11. Can you zoom in very close and add light? The shadow makes it difficult to see…plus you are not very close to see what you're doing!

  12. A perfect video with all necessary stitches can be seen on patterns and videos. Just enough to learn. There is not any unnecessary information or talk. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing

  13. I have a question why it keeps getting smaller with the first way

  14. Very clear tutorial, thanks!

  15. Grace says:

    Great vid! Thanks for the help