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1 Hour Crochet Beanie (Easy Pattern)

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These lovely crochet beanie hats work up in just 1 hour.
FREE Written pattern here:

This crochet chunky hat comes in 4 sizes, baby, toddler and Adult Small and Large. This crochet beanie for women is super quick to work up and will make great gifts this holiday season.

This crochet beanie for beginners uses a simple stitch. You can use the pattern to make hats for yourself or whip up some crochet beanies for kids to keep everyone in your family warm. Enjoy!

You can get the hat labels here:

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  1. Fiona Veal says:

    Lovely clear instructions, thank you. I can't wait to get started.😊

  2. Great instruction. Love this pattern.

  3. I haven't crocheted anything in years but I made this hat today. I am so happy with the way it turned out! It is very discouraging when the pattern doesn't fit but this was perfect! I will definitely be making more. Thank you for sharing.

  4. You are a wonderful teacher. I am mostly a knitter though I enjoy a crocheted item here and there. This looks like fun!

  5. T Thomas says:

    Beautiful design! Thanks for sharing 💜

  6. audrimiranda says:

    Great teacher! I didn't know how to do anything but single crochet prior to this and (although it did not take me an hour to complete) it taught me so and came out great! Thank you!!

  7. Eddie Ann says:

    Where do you get your tags you put on them?

  8. Lovely pattern! Thank you for your clear instructions!

  9. wtb61 says:

    I like your tutorials very much. You make each step easy to understand. Thank you.

  10. Beautiful pattern and my absolute favorite of all. Love your tutorial instructions and pace you teach at. How would l make this a slouchy instead of a beanie?

  11. Wow, these are great hats! Thank you so much for the turorial.

  12. TheLampini says:

    Just made my first hat ever from your tutorial – and it looks awesome! Beautiful pattern – you have a real talent for explaining, and a lovely voice. Thank you 🙏

  13. h i says:

    Im using medium 4 weight yarn. How much inches is the work before decreasing?

  14. barbara west says:

    Wow….I hated doing bands first, but the way you explain it. I can understand…Thank you sooooo much💕

  15. I knit, but I fancy learning crochet after this video, what a gorgeous hat

  16. I normally find a video pattern and automatically check for a written version. I went to the pattern for this and I am amazed at how well written it is! Best written pattern I have come across!

  17. Melkee Kiper says:

    This stitch would make a beautiful blanket. I love it!

  18. My first crochet project! It's not perfect, but you are an excellent teacher. I cannot wait to try again. I learned so much, especially that light colored yarn will be easy than dark purple!

  19. Where do you purchase your fur pompoms?

  20. Jane Holland says:

    You are a very good teacher! Thank you for your directions.

  21. This is the beanie crochet pattern I have been looking for. Thank you for sharing!

  22. Barbra Joan says:

    Your as good a teacher as my ‘ Nany. I’m going to make this. Thank you.