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ZERO BUDGET LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER | Living Room Decorating Ideas | Living Room Tour India

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Everybody loves a house that is inviting, elegant, and speaks the language of love! Every station we go to (owing to my husband’s transferrable job), I make it a point to create a living room or a drawing-room space that reflects our personality with the right amount of style! Watch my latest video from the #IndianHomeStyling edition that features my living room in all its plant glory and our collectibles!

Here are some quick tips to use while decorating a living room:-

1. Use REAL Plants, plants, and more plants. Nurture them, propagate them so that you don’t have to keep buying new ones all the time.

2. Change the sofa cushion setting, add a throw (use a cotton or silk dupatta) to add a definition to the furniture.

3. Decorate floating shelf using personalized elements in a complementary tone as your collectibles.

4. Keep wall clean, I mean it. Don’t overdo your paintings or frames.

5. Maintain a color scheme (if you can) but don’t be afraid to play with brighter hues.

6. Use the rule of 3 for corner spaces if you are ever confused!

7. Lights add warmth and depth to space, use lamps, led lights, string lights as much!

8. Living room makeover should not cost you a bomb, so stick to pieces that are significant and do away with really small items that add no character to space.

9. Give attention to your center table decor, its the first impression!

10. Get inspiration from my #IndianHomeStyling Youtube videos and watch my playlist here 😛 —–


You can watch the previous extreme makeover of my living room on this video-

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  1. There is something in this house that makes it looks so warm and nostalgic. Looks like a 90's home although my home looked nothing like this yet the lamps, lighting, plants, hand painted items reminds me of my childhood home. 💓

  2. Please small living room how can we decorate

  3. Lata Joshi says:

    Beautiful decoration 👍

  4. Murali S says:

    Hi.. It's simply sophisticated look.. Really nice nd upload many designs…

  5. Jack Jones says:

    I got a spirit tree lamp from and I’m in loooove with it😍😍😍

  6. Such a inspiration….keep up the good suggestion please dnt mention as zero budget.

  7. S says:

    Stop zoom out and in it is so irritating

  8. R UDefence officer wife??

  9. malini rao says:

    From where you buy pillow covers

  10. ADG Classes says:

    Liked every thing except pineapple

  11. White lampshade is really good ….please the link of that one please

  12. Too beautifu

    Can u please share the links of the purchased items

    Items are really beautiful

  13. Where did you got this

  14. Thank you so much for sharing with us. you can use nebula light Galaxy Projector at parties to create an amazing vibe to the environment.

  15. CHEF POONAM says:

    नमस्ते mam….. मैं आपसे कुछ सीखना चाहती हु की मुझको मेरे चैनल को कैसे और अच्छा कर सकती हूं की मेरे कुकिंग वीडियोस और अच्छे से बने , प्लीज मेरी हेल्प करिए , मेरा नाम शेफ पूनम है, मैं लखनऊ उत्तर प्रदेश की रहने वाली हु , मैं हमेशा से कुकिंग में कुछ अच्छा करना चाहती हु , बचपन से मुझको खाना बनाना अच्छा लगता था , तो मैं अपने परिवार के लिए खाना बनती थी, फिर मैंने कुछ अच्छे कॉम्पटीशन में भाग लिए जिसमे मुझे मिस किचन स्मार्ट लखनऊ की विनर भी रही एवं Living Foodz(लिविंग फ़ूड)चैनल ने भी एक कॉम्पटीशन कराया जिसमे मैंने फर्स्ट पोजीशन मिली , शेफ रणवीर बरार से मुझको समानित किया जा चूका है , बाद में मेरी शादी हो गयी और मेरा शौक घर के KITCHEN तक रह गया , फिर अभी LOCKDOWN में मैंने शेफ पूनम नाम से एक YOUTUBE CHANNEL बनाया और कुकिंग के वीडियोस डालने लगी ….और कुछ महीनो में आठ हज़ार SUBSCRIBER हो गए / परन्तु व्यूज कम आते है पर मैं अभी और मेहनत करुँगी और कुछ अच्छा करके दिखाउंगी…

  16. Beautifully designed..Great taste 👍

  17. Marina Gomes says:

    Gud video, nice tips, just an honest feedback, pls do not ever use zoom in zoom out so generously for any video, it takes away all the positives n leaves the viewers feeling dizzy. Overall gud work with room makeover.

  18. Haseeb Ahmad says:

    Here we present new concept and ideas for home decor. Please visit and you will be amazed.

  19. CLAP TRAP says:

    Zero budget kaise hua Madam ????????????????????. Ye props jo.pehle.thi. they came for free.? 🤗

  20. Gita Gohel says:

    Sab chij mahengi he or aap O ro bajet kese bolsakti he

  21. Plz don’t move the camera front and back…it’s not very pleasing…but must say you’ve decorated your house very well

  22. Congratulations!!
    👏 🌹🌹🙏
    🇳🇵Love from Nepal !!!

  23. Amazing and very elegant

  24. Leela Rao says:

    You have good taste, simple and elegant.I like the way you keep using the same things.That is practical.👍👍

  25. Aswathy says:

    Where did you bought the paintings?? Please reply

  26. renny antony says:

    good work ,.creative ,best wishes

  27. Where. Do u bought the coffe table

  28. The video was good till the cameraman ruined it. It just gives you a headache.

  29. What is your army relations

  30. Adeem Utsav says:

    You're so creative.!!

  31. Simply You are the best…

  32. Camera movement irritating..

  33. Beaded cushion …kahan se liya

  34. Rushab Barve says:

    Ma'am where u buy lord Budha canvas

  35. Mona Singh says:

    how stupid … picturisation

  36. Priya Patil says:

    Mam apke pass to etna sara sman hia esliye look as very good😎 but jinke pass sman nahi hota sofa nhi hota or to or hr ek ghr me 📺 hota hia plastic kurchi and teble….. Yesi koi vidio shear kr shkte ho?????

  37. 3 seater sofa after cushions 2 seater ho gaya … nice