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Woodworking Masterclass S01 E01

3 weeks önce
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Latest Video, Please watch: “Woodturning a Queensland Maple Platter” –~–
Period Style Side Table with Dovetail Joints and Cabriole Legs

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  1. arie hen says:

    An awesome end result.
    Yeaa, I also learnt woodworking a lot and in LOVE with it from


  2. SD says:

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  3. Bobloblaugh says:

    "..and repreat the process…

  4. Thank you Steve, I've thoroughly enjoyed that one. I've subscribed!

  5. Thank you Steve, I've thoroughly enjoyed that one. I've subscribed!

  6. Almost 2021 and is a great video.

  7. cool lesson = led 's on your work really hard to see

  8. As an amateur with woodworker, I typically feel overpowered with the entire arrangement. Be that as it may, this arrangements drove me through with much clarity and effortlessness [Link Here== TopFineWoodworking. Com . I now work like a genius. That is great!?

  9. My my I just found your site got hooked Instantly…i have one BIG problem as I went to look for E2 I saw you have so many videos and long ones it will take me months to catch up…but I can't wait to start…i hope you stay the real deal ! Stay safe down there…

  10. Looking forward to learning with you I've always wanted to find tune get better

  11. Maz says:

    I'm not just watching your video because you are skillful, but more so because you seem to be a really cool person and fun.

  12. That dog kill me… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Hello. Financially poor city boy here. It seems awfully difficult to keep occupied in the city, surprisingly. I have no friends. These videos give me a sense of adventure. I hope I'll make something interesting one day as well. Cheers, nice work. Enjoy watching. From America.

  14. Thank you! This show is amazing!

  15. Good explanation but the music in the background ruined the video

  16. Watching you I realized that I an idiot

  17. Phil Raymond says:

    Why is the grain on the sides running vertically?

  18. What is says:

    Just wonderful, I have been researching "handyman mastering woodworking machines" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Denia Diyictoria Bulldozer – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my partner got great results with it.

  19. Sachit sood says:

    In india ,2020.starting carpentry with you.thanks

  20. DTM says:

    Great video… I suppose you can simply create a straight edge passing it through the table saw, cant you? I mean, if you have a bench planer you must have a table saw.

  21. Wakko Warner says:

    Who else found this during the 2020 lock down?

  22. Everything you need,,,and nothing you want!

  23. What an amazing Master Woodworker. Just incredible the amount of knowledge he just listed in this video… hope everyone picked up on all the small tips. Just incredible. Thank you very much for such a detailed video and taking the time to be so informative.

    I’ve been a carpenter for 28 years and although I’ve only been woodworking for the last year it’s been such an awesome journey. Finding and watching this video has been inspirational…

    Thanks again! 😁

  24. Tod Davis says:

    You look like my brother-in-law, and he was a master carpenter-cabinetmaker, here in Brooklyn USA☆☆☆1938-2005☆☆☆

  25. Mo London says:

    I love your way of working and your respectful way talinkg Sir 🙂

  26. Psi Clops says:

    Lost me when he started talking about the jointer and planer. I have a few hand planes, saws, and chisels.

  27. YippieKanye says:

    Steve, I have just found your channel. Thank you for the clear instructions and information. Cheers!

  28. Marco Yana says:

    Saludos desde Bolivia, estoy viendo con subtítulos aunque se poco Inglés pero entiendo algo xD admiro su trabajo 😅

  29. Silver Fox says:

    Good Sir, thank you very much for your channel. Much appreciated 👍🏻

  30. 20x20 says:

    18:38 I do too after a dry spell

  31. I am a 30 year carpentry veteran and am really enjoying your back to basic principles approach. Can’t wait to see more. Well done and keep them coming.

  32. Universe says:

    Hi, Thank you for the awesome tips and hints, they were really helpful. I was wondering if you have heard of this beginner
    woodworking program before?
    It looks like a great program to help people start with woodworking.
    I was just looking into some options before I make my decision. Cheers, keep up with the great work 🙂

  33. Dread Spawn says:

    I just came across your video and wanted to say thank you. This is definitely the masterclass of instructional videos. I love the fact that I could watch your video while following right along. That's if I had a shop with all your tools. It's been a long time since I've done any real woodworking but looking to get back into it to spend some time with my son.

  34. in my mind i can see russel coight doing this 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Vennie Danae says:

    "I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020."

  36. Craig Gamble says:

    You really don't need to lay down your planes on the side if you are placing down on a wooden bench top….. something we were told as students in school " never place your plane direct on the bench.." I always thought it was nonsense.

  37. Ewan Thorpe says:

    I just got into college doing furniture and cabinet craft and been looking into doing some woodworking over the summer until I'm going to college. This series is presented amazingly just like how my teacher and the workshop technician taught me in secondary school. Look forward to watching the rest of this 10/10

  38. Josh says:

    I've just suddenly taken interest in the timber life. Unfortunately this wasn't an option in school nor did I know anyone in the craft. This video is very informative, thank you kind sir for sharing some of your knowledge, I look forward to many more of your videos. You have my subscription!

  39. Cape SIX says:

    dam its a dream of mine to have a nice workshop. I don't do wood working right now(im a supervisor at UPS), but I hope to one day have a full shop in my backyard.

  40. Came for the woodworking, stayed because his dialect/personality! Wonderful channel! Big ups!

  41. Tej S says:

    Those 10 second beer breaks 🙃

  42. Tej S says:

    The ultimate youtube channel for Woodworking. This Gentleman is so passionate.

  43. BJ says:

    I'm brand new to woodworking but I can tell this man is next level..

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  45. Larry Cook says:

    I was a bit worried when you brought out the bench hook and proceeded to explain how to make it, since I was hoping a video series called Masterclass would be anything except the basics. However, I was soon proven wrong, since there is plenty of good info here for the more experienced woodworker. Thank you Sir!