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What Kind of Finish Should You Use? | WOOD FINISHING BASICS

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Don’t be intimidated! Wood finishing is simple and easy. This video will get you started with the basics.

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  1. «You can learn more about this, here…» points into a corner. Hilarious watching on a TV where nothing is in there!

  2. Doug Le says:

    Hey Steve, what do you recommend for finishing outdoor wood products? Lots of rain and humidity

  3. Mark K says:

    another great video, very helpful, clear and precise information. Thank you.

  4. Dizzy says:

    Biggest problem i have is keeping the dust from sticking on the surface while using polyurethane. Any great advice?

  5. Jason Huang says:

    Best wood working youtube channel I came across, thank you, Steve.

  6. Jason Huang says:

    @Steve Ramsey, can I ask you a question? how do I properly clean my brush after using poly, I found that every time I used it, ruins a brush because it's impossible to clean, brush hair got so stiff and then broken off. I tried soak it with water.

  7. Colin Brown says:

    Another solid video helping me sort out the bits of sage knowledge I've picked up but never formalized. Thanks!

  8. Aa Dottin says:

    What GRIT are you using to sand in between applying coats of poly? You never say

  9. Dennis Taft says:

    So I admit it, I'm a hater. I hate paint anywhere near wood. Paint is a good rust proofer but wood needs to shine. I only like a high gloss finish on wood. Satin finishes leave a lot to be desired. Great educational tool for beginners so thank you.

  10. Bud B says:

    After sanding I have a Birch Cabinet can I wipe it down with Lacquer thinner or should I get some mineral spirits

  11. Jade Punk says:

    What would be the best finish for wood countertops?

  12. H B says:

    I have several new interior unfinished mahogany pre-hung doors to finish. We prefer a lighter finish. What would be the easiest finish to apply, keeping in mind, two of the doors will be for bathrooms. Also, should the finish be applied with the doors in the vertical or horizontal position, the same question regarding the jambs? It's winter. We have snow, and ice, the finish must be applied indoors. Currently, carpets not installed, we have the plywood subflooring exposed. Not sure if we should use a wipe on or brushed on finish. The idea of using a wipe on combo stain and poly is intriguing. Thanks

  13. Can i spray laquer finish after i apply danish oil and dried up?

  14. smokeynmeg says:

    If I put a clear coat on unfinished pine just to protect from the kids and dog from getting stuff on it will the clear coat stop the wood from naturally changing colors in time?

  15. spawn10 says:

    I have a this stomp with really nice bark n I wanna preserver it n keep on the patio as a stool o table. So should I use some spray lacquer than after use some table top epoxy for a protective outdoor coating. This my first wood project n alot this new information is a bit overwhelming haha.

  16. davidxroxy says:

    What would be the best protection for a dinning table?

  17. 1 million thanks man for this informative video I really need this for my home project this 16 minutes video save my life now I feel like I learned 6 months free classes from you only in 16 minutes wowwww you're amazing man "God bless you"
    Today I learn a lot once again thank you so much 👍❤✨💫😎

  18. Daniel Plata says:

    Great channel!!! Love it
    Quick question, do you sand the last layer of poly? to have a smooth final surface ????
    Thanks in advance for your time 😃

  19. I've repaired many types of wood trim and I found that wood conditioner was very important particularly when restaining

  20. James Hinkle says:

    I finished a table with Tung Oil last year and now wish I would have finished it with something a bit more durable, like polyurethane.
    Is it possible to cover the Tung Oiled surface with polyurethane, or will there be an adhesion issue?

  21. xXLilRoxieXx says:

    so what do I use for my table/bench that hasn't been painted on..

    My dad built me a Special Bench for me as a gift for Christmas and wood-burned my name very beautifully and put a picture of me on it on my bench. I don't think I would want to sand that down.. It was made very special for me.. I heard there is wood hardener for the top that can make it all hard, so I can do my homework on it and to protect it. I also want it shiny so I can display it and make it look nice and maybe put it outside if I have no room for it. I want it to be protected from the sun, rain, harsh weather.. also. and cats and animals. Even juice spills. what should I use?

  22. Your channel is so nice. Please Check youtuber "emolingo" for Turkish game makers. I will be glad if you can support this university student.

  23. Sue Cook says:

    Hi Steve, I've been a silent viewer. Question. What is a good sealer for "chalk paint" that won't turn "white" paint yellow? I'm getting conflicting answers and thought you could help. Thx so much.