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very easy birthday party decoration ideas at home | paper fan decoration

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If you want to celebrate a small birthday party or birth ceremony or baby shower at home then this decoration can do at home easily…..this decoration I have done for my nephew’s birthday … within a day I have finished….and I have used all peacock color s.
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  1. Keep all the sizes of flowers

  2. can you please list all the materials used in this deco

  3. Riya Roy says:


  4. Plz share material details.. Unable to find tinted paper online

  5. Can u please make a video with a unique decoration with paper for birthday

  6. Hi where can we get this paper from

  7. I’m going to use any of ur ideas for my Son’s first birthday on September 22

  8. Jaya Priya says:

    Are Tinted papers available at stationary shops…. Pls reply me

  9. Woow very nice… But all are routine videos like same round shape paper work..
    Plz upload "hello kitty " theam for baby girls bday 🙂

  10. Que bien !!! Buen trabajo…gracias.😚

  11. Ezrah Torres says:

    Does the tape tear off the paint in the wall?

  12. KUNDAN SINGH says:

    U are really autsm😍😍😍😘😘😘😘