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Top 10 Videos – Unbelievably Simple DIY Wood Projects

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Our 10 Best DIY Wood Furniture Videos 🔷🔷🔷 If you’re looking to spruce up your space without having to spend an arm and a leg, DIY projects are the way to go! To help you with this daunting task, we’ve compiled 10 DIY wood furniture pieces that you can easily make at home. No matter which room you want to jazz up, we’ve got you covered!

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10. Couch Caddy:

If you don’t have room for a coffee table, yet love having all your favorite snacks and goodies right next to you when you’re watching TV, this couch caddy is the answer to all your prayers. So grab a few wooden boards and the screwdriver and craft your way to the most relaxing weekend ever!

9. Fork Coat Rack:

Knives, forks, scissors — these are all things you want to keep out the reach of small children. But with a little bit of effort, you can turn sharp things that children shouldn’t touch into a unique piece of homemade furniture — well, when it comes to the forks anyway. See for yourself how to craft some cutlery into a coat rack!

8. DIY Designer Furniture:

Unfortunately, designer furniture typically carries a hefty price tag and the cheaper stuff is so mass-produced that everyone has it. Because knowing that your sister, friend, coworker, and neighbor all have the exact same living room as you is never fun, follow these instructions to make your own personalized pieces that will have everyone begging you for the name of your “interior designer.”

7. Glow-In-The-Dark Table:

A table is a really simple piece of furniture, consisting of a flat surface supported on 4 legs. If you want to liven up this simplicity, then the following DIY project is exactly the one for you. It doesn’t just add a stunning visual feature, but adds a particular effect that’s only visible in the dark!

6. Coffee Table Bed:

What do you do with overnight guests if you don’t have an extra bed, spare futon, or your couch is too small or uncomfortable to sleep on? A stylish coffee table during the day that folds out into a comfortable bed at night will solve all your woes. Learn how to make this genius convertible piece all by yourself!

5. Pallet Sofa:

DIY furniture made from wooden pallets is the latest craze and will remain so long after the seasons change. And it’s no wonder, because the charming wooden constructions are cheap to build and very flexible. In this case, upcycling pallets results in a comfortable, homemade couch which is perfect for both outdoors in the garden and inside in your home!

4. Storage Bench:

When it’s time to get some new furniture, most of us head out to the local furniture store. These days, there aren’t many people who would go to the trouble of making their own home furnishings. But what if it really wasn’t that much trouble at all? As you’ll see, creating a stylish piece of furniture to spice up your home decor is actually a lot easier than you’d think!

3. Slide-Out Pantry:

If your kitchen happens to feature a small, awkward space that really isn’t of any use to anyone, you should definitely give this DIY project a try! We’ll show you how you can build your very own pantry cabinet for your kitchen.

2. Secret Storage Table:

Building your own table may sound complicated, but it’s actually super fast and easy! If you live in a smaller space, or just want to keep things tidy and give yourself some more room, you’ll love this handy DIY craft that will make your life so much easier – a hidden compartment table!

1. Relaxation Spot:

When you’ve have a rough day and need to switch off for 5 minutes, it’s important to have a place where you can relax in your home or garden. Thankfully, we have just the idea as our DIY relaxation spot is perfect all year round.


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  1. arie hen says:

    An awesome end result.
    Yeaa, I also learnt woodworking a lot and in LOVE with it from


  2. Joy'sCurls says:

    The music is killing me. Mute.

  3. AJ Cee says:

    FYI, L brackets are not hinges. Hinges hinge and aren't stationary.

  4. 15:58.. Where did the other identical piece come from?

  5. That pipes-on-cord-table is never going to stand. And why would you use cord in the first place? Buy fittings and just construct a cube from pipes.
    Same thing with nearly any other idea in here. The end table for the couch, that's neat, but it's nearly the only thing.
    Wardrobe from old forks? Hey, if you can bend them, then the weight of your coats will bend them back over time!
    That lamp? The parts will cost more than a cheap lamp. But at least everything relies on a cheap plastic pot in the middle that sure as hell will never crack and send you lamp toppling over…
    The sweater stool? Why are you sewing the stripes? Just fold in the edges, tack them down and be done. Experience then how the weaves will silde around and give the old fabric apart each time you put your feet onto them.
    Hardwood table with epoxy? You know why they call it HARD wood? Besides, you've put LEDs into your epoxy. That's not the Glow-in-the-dark-powder. Also, you left out how much work it is to sand the table down and polish it to get a really nice finish.
    I had a good laugh about the fold-away-bed, especially when I noted they have a perfect couch in that room, long enough to spend the night. And why do you insist on painting everything AFTER constructing it? Are you insistent on making the work harder?
    Oh, and all this furniture made of palettes. You noticed they sell them for hard money? I doubt getting them is much cheaper than just buying the wood you need, and you could buy already sanded down planks instead of investing the time into sanding the palettes. They're used for transporting things, they are unbelievably chipped and bruised and hard to sand down.
    Had another good laugh about the IKEA tables. Why do you bother with them? Just get a plywood board and four planks and scrap that wobbly second table. And please notice that it's sure nice to have hidden compartments, but each time you want to open it, you have to empty the top. Why not get a solid plank on top and drill a screw into in at one corner so you can just swing it around to get to the space underneath?
    I love the closet beside the fridge, though, even if I'll never understand why you didn't screw the dowels down, too. And used some more brackets to give the planks some stability. Tin cans and jars are heavy!

  6. annoying background music

  7. Case K says:

    4:44, don't throw it away!
    4:50, NOW you can throw it away!

  8. M M says:

    You guys are sooo clever! Thank you! Loved the lamp and stool idea! AMAZING EPOXY TABLE!!!

  9. FINALLY!!!!…..Millennials with brains and creativity. Thank you lord, there is hope yet.

  10. Some interesting ideas for design development. The way they put them together though, they wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

  11. Frostyy says:

    Can someone please recommend a real diy channel with how to's and tutorials? All I'm getting is these stupid montage videos with annoying music

  12. Is this a video for blind crafters?

  13. Gary Numen says:

    Pre-drill your holes and you will stop splitting your wood to pieces.

  14. Can I have 19 minutes and 24 seocnds of my life back? Sorry, I couldn't bear to watch the last seven seconds.

  15. #2…. ITS CALLED

    NOT craft glue…

    # 2 Just Purchase A Coat Rack…it will look better

  16. Excelent, very creative, beautiful production !

  17. Some of the worst craftsmanship I've ever seen. I can't believe anyone would show off their incompetence by making a video.

  18. DY DA N says:

    I thot the title said wood projects not fabric project

  19. I'm more than half way through this vid, and so far, every single one of these tutorials has at least one misleading element. For example, that outdoor sofa they supposedly made out of a single pallet wasn't actually made out of any pallets. They used way more wood than would have come from one, and they used a differently treated (and pristine looking) wood, and they didn't bother to note that you have to weatherproof that thing. Wood needs to be treated and protected from moisture and sun, and so do cushions, for that matter. Don't rely on any of these products to work out well.

  20. Nice work sir please keep it up

  21. Per Shop says:

    For number one, pallet on the side this fine but I would suggest a stronger board in the middle. Other than that it was a pretty cool use of pallets

  22. Yea, I LOVE woodworking so much from
    amusingwoodworking com

  23. Ye, I learnt lots woodworking from
    amusingwoodworking com

  24. Thank you for the wonderful work video. It was very helpful. I will subscribe to the channel. I recently uploaded a DIY video, so please watch it if you like (^^ ♪

  25. Aunt Busy says:

    Thank you for sharing. Lots of good ideas, and inspiration. Excellent job, you are getting a new subscriber👍🏻👍🏻

  26. Great ideas if I can talk my husband into helping.

  27. Who doesn’t know what a hinge is?

  28. I stopped watching at 00:22. Those are NOT hinges they are brackets. Such a fundamental mistake destroys any credibility in the video.

  29. Padgit8r says:

    EIGHT PALLETS? "How bout NO, Scott!!" That, added to the crooked screws, odd hinges, and weird extra hands that just show up to help tells me to run like the wind…..

  30. Suhayl says:

    Sorry, but this video is all wrong. try making this coffee table with copper pipes and string or try pouring the epoxy resin and tell me if you manage. very misleading.

  31. bfriant13 says:

    how are these projects considered simple? youd have to go out n buy all those items just to make them, its be cheaper and simpler to just buy them made already….and some of the steps are completely unnecessary

  32. ComfortMsfit says:

    Hey what songs were used in the background?

  33. Dave Rocks says:

    80% worthless crap. Couch side table is a good idea but poor construction. The hide-away pantry is a good idea also.
    The rest is garbage, imo. But hey, if some folks like that crappy lamp or table who am I to argue their views.

  34. On the foldaway, bed, I was with you up to the red paint, but otherwise a great idea.

  35. I have these white plastic trolleys down the side of the fridge , though very handy I am sick of them now because they are very unsteady when pulled out and topple over.
    Thanks for posting this vid
    Wooden storage trolleys would look so much nicer and probably a lot more sturdy

  36. ammeor says:

    bonne idée mais mauvaise réalisation (rien d'équerre et droit)

  37. only the FOLDING BED is brilliant vGood… nothing else

  38. Will Dwyer says:

    It's called a torch, not a bunsen burner

  39. jim boots says:

    Really hinges are not brackets and as the viewer below said, What happened to drilling straight holes. That the worst screw job i have seen in awhile, wood screw job that is.

  40. How to make using a screwdriver difficult: ask your friend to hold it for you instead of placing it somewhere solid and steady.

  41. That folding bed is amazing!

  42. Wwwaaaayyyy… More complicated then they need to be.

  43. Pallets are $20-50 a piece, depending on size.