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Start Woodworking With Only $100 | A Beginners Tool Buying Guide

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Want to start woodworking, but don’t have any tools? Here is a tool kit for just over $100 that will allow you to build pretty much any DIY project. Hey everyone! This is Molly and Dylan from the YouTube Channel Woodbrew, If you are new here I highly recommend checking out some of our DIY projects here:

Click over to our Instagram and comment on the giveaway post:)

—-$100 Tool Kit Links—-
These are affiliate links, so we make a small commission off purchases made through a link:) Thanks for your support!

Circular Saw:
Drill Bit Set:
Tape Measure:
Chalk Line:
Orbital Sander:

——Check Out All The Tools We Use!——

——Have a Larger Budget??——
Here are some Items we recommend getting next! (again its the type of tool, not the brand)

Miter Saw:
Battery Operated Drill & Impact Driver:
Table Saw:


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  1. I would recommend hand tools they are cheaper and more veristile for the money

  2. Leo Clarke says:

    Love the Laura Kampf T Shirt 🙂

  3. Hey Guys!

    This is one of the best selling woodworking courses out there and i wouldn't want you to miss it.

    It has done wonders for me and my woodworking!

  4. Matt says:

    Best next tool upgrade would be a router. That can save a ton of time and let you make more complicated projects like cabinets with ease.

  5. Joe L says:

    Cool video, just curious are you a married couple?

  6. abaya sugen says:

    Man these kids are more grown up than me already, so great to see young folk creating valuable content for the world.

  7. I must say thank you for this. I was getting really really discouraged with my tiny shop and felt like I really couldn't make anything with what I have. However, I already have everything (except the chalk line) so thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing my hopes of building back up!

  8. Universe says:

    Hi there Thank you for the awesome tips and hints, they were really
    helpful. I was wondering if you have heard of this woodworking
    program before?
    It looks like a great program to help people start with woodworking.
    I was just looking into some options before I make my decision.

    Cheers, keep up with the great work 🙂

  9. If you enjoy woodworking with a lower grade of tooling then you will stay with it until you can purchase better tools. Great video!

  10. Michael Tye says:

    "I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020."

  11. I have got several things from gulp..the Dollar Tree..small levels..better glue the parts in..they fall out on the yellow ones..but a dollar..small blue level..seems ok.. L shaped 90 ..great ..magnifying. 12 inch ruler..many more things.
    Harbor freight. sometimes has varied grit packages of sandpaper on sale about $3.50. Clamps as you know start around to get a supply of the 16 inch? clamps. They sell pipe clamps two..Head over to rural king..they sell steel? screws by the pound.
    Get the green ones ..they are strong..the aluminum may never
    rust but shears easier. That's a start. I have a music channel but have a hobby of woodworking.

  12. 3:30. I haven't seen it on lists. But i do know what it is. You probably should't be doing wood working if you don't know what that is.

  13. The subjects covered in this woodworking book “Bαzοmο Tdy Plαn” (Google it) varies from wood types to tool types and also uses. It also informs you regarding the various kinds of wood and how simple or challenging they are to work with. This book has been very helpful and is a great one for somebody just getting into wood working. .

  14. ”Bαzοmο Tdy Plαn” (Google it) is an amazing book about woodworking. I took various classes and completed a 1 year diploma in carpentry at a local tech college; this is much better than any book I worked out of during those classes. It includes helpful photos and goes over just about everything. .

  15. N R says:

    in my opinion the circular saw should be substituted for a corded jigsaw and some sawhorses, otherwise a great setup!!

  16. Andre Qeen says:

    Really enjoy it. Let's check stodoys also.

  17. wouldn't a jigsaw a cheaper and better alternative to circular saw for beginners?

  18. BDCD8 is a good small low end option. VERY small, but decently powered. No need for a charger (it uses micro-usb, which is everywhere)
    Nowhere near the power of most cordless options, or the corded, obviously, but the compact size, and ease of "charge it anywhere" is VERY nice!

  19. You guys should check out the warrior 18v drill from harbor freight for $25 (with coupon). I got 1. I was expecting it to be garbage but it’s actually an awesome little drill. Not very fast but has good torque.
    The warrior drill and the corded tools are things I always recommend to new people till they can decide on what power tool line they want to get into. This way they don’t have a million different battery systems that aren’t compatible filling their shop

  20. Super woodworking toolls i love woodworking me

  21. Dude says you don’t need a lot of money to make things as he stands in front of $500 worth of just clamps.

  22. AC PlayBoys says:

    $100 in US is arround $200 in india…so we indians are pretty much fucked up ….in everything

  23. Could you please make a video describes the usage of every tool 😊🤠

  24. Lol it’s obviously ryobi

  25. Woodworking says:

    That is not so much but you will definitely need much more.

  26. Great job on the video.. Keep it up!!!

  27. OBS Caden says:

    When you use the word versatile 3+ times in the video

  28. Jeremoid says:

    Ok, so you're not afiliated with any of these brands but you also covered the Ryobi brand and keep the milwakee and dewalt things behind you…

  29. Joey F says:

    All you need is a tool belt, hammer, pencil, knife, tape measure, carpenter square, corded drill, corded sander, corded circular saw and corded reciprocating saw to begin

  30. Great, you guys really inspire people to make things! Hugs from Brazil!

  31. Texas? or Germany? 🙂

  32. John Chow says:

    Go here now if you want some great woodworking plans:

  33. Adam Shivers says:

    The chalk line is also a plumb bob!

  34. I manufactured another capacity using  this set of plans [Check Details== poshwoodplans,com ]. They were exceptionally creative, clear and detailed directions with a rundown of materials that permits you to realize what to use and what not to use. I so much appreciate this.

  35. Karyl Debolt says:

    Hi fellows. I think you need to take some time and take a fast tour on woodprix website to learn how to make it.

  36. Great work guys! I love this video!
    Braxtly Tools

  37. I suggest you buy gyokucho saws instead of the ones at your tool wall