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Perfect Dreamcatcher | Room decoration ideas | Handmade craft | Diy dream catcher

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Learn how to make a beautiful Dreamcatcher. It is perfect for room decoration, car hanging, restaurant etc. You can customized or personalize it to your liking. Very simple & easy steps to follow. Please subscribe, comment, like & share if you like this video. Thanks for watching!!

Purpose & Meaning of the Dream Catcher. Sometimes referred to as “Sacred Hoops,” Legends held that the spider web design of the dream catcher would allow good dreams to pass through and float down the hanging beads and feathers to sleeping children. Bad dreams, however, would be caught in the web. As the first rays of the morning light hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams would disappear. Dreamcatchers were traditionally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, usually children, from bad dreams and nightmares. Native Americans believe that the night air is filled with dreams, both good and bad. Good dreams are sure to come along if you hang a dream catcher above your bed.

By gifting someone a dream catcher we mean to make all their dreams come true or let them conquer all their dreams.Its a very good idea to gift someone a dreamcatcher.

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    (Metal Ring Set of 6) (Nylon Macrame Thread)

    1) Cotton Twisted Cord-

    2) Cotton Embroidery Thread-

    3) Crafts Metal Ring-

    4) Hot Melt Glue Gun-

    5) Hot Melt 14 Glue Sticks-

    6) Feathers-

    7) Rainbow Colour Nylon Thread-

    8) Nylon Knot Macrame Beading Thread-

    9) Shining Nylon Knot Cord-

  2. There's just not enough commercials for me and this video so I think I might actually learn something. Most commercials are about 15 to 30 seconds long.

  3. Ishu Jayas says:

    Love from LK

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    me encantan como explica y aprendí rapidisimo,no sabía hacer, y me quedaron hermosos

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    genial las hice y me quedaron super,,,hermoso,,,

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    Holaa. No puedo sacar el punto de la última parte. Ayudaaa

  7. boa tarde que tipo de aro é esse

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    incredible work 💕♥️

  9. Quisiera saber cual es el diámetro del círculo, alguien me dice porfa^_^

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    Qual é a linha?

  11. Hermoso lo estoy haciendo espero que me quede tan bello como el que realisaste gracias por tu dedicación y tu tiempo entregas al realizar estos videos 👏👏👏👏🇨🇱

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  13. Schade das keine Erklärung dabei ist wie es genau gemacht wird.
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  14. Bellísimo espectacular!!!

  15. Hi this is so beautiful. Just 2 questions. How much twine should we take for the weaving? And if we run short of cord halfway how to splice a new piece? Thanks

  16. Que hermosura. Saludos desde Argentina. Te saluda cristina

  17. Madremia que bien artista y que bien que compartas tu arte

  18. Muy buen video y practico gracias.te felicito!!👋🇺🇾

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    Which type of yarn is used to make???

  20. Hermoso, felicidades y muchas gracias por todo lo que nos compartes. Bendiciones.

  21. Maravilhoso seu trabalho 💘💘💘