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Paper crafts | diy room decor | paper craft ideas for room decoration

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Paper crafts-diy room decor-paper craft ideas for room decoration

MY Using Tool & Materials

Paper cutter:
Color Paper:
Chandler Tool Hot Glue Gun:

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  1. Hi did u edit which app

  2. Also make origami vides😊😀

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    I will definitely 😊try this it is very and all the things are available
    Thanks for sharing this ❤️ video

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    Plz glue name bata den?

  7. Md Babar says:

    I love your crafts so much 🤗

  8. prem Singh says:

    Wow ! Wow ! Amazing…………………….

  9. Please give the measurements of each so that we can do it easily
    Btw the crafts are awesome😀

  10. I don't have gun gum what should I will do plz suggest

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    I am a big fan of your channel

  15. Salihaa says:

    I have tried the first one it was awesome it looks very beautiful with white and pink and my room looks fantastic now thank you so much and thank you again I am sure that I will try all of them

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  17. That is amazinggggg 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  18. rani Akash says:

    Mujhe craft banane mein bahut maja aata hai

  19. Who are here just to decorate their rooms.. But don't know a single word in crafts😂😂😂✌just like me😜

  20. k biksham says:

    Who love art and crafts hit a like

  21. Amir Shahzad says:

    So beautiful 🥰🥰💕😍 and l like craft

  22. Thank you this is my favorite

  23. Shanvi dj says:

    How much do you have paper

  24. laddu thakur says:

    Beautiful you are too intelligent please make one more video of diwali decoration

  25. Super👍👍👍☝☝

  26. Ami apner channel a subscribe korsi aber apni amar channel a subscribe koron

  27. Your peper craft is amazing

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  29. beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  30. Ankur ayan says:

    Me craft karna chata hu par mere maa baba ko a sab manjur nahin he

  31. Can you do video without hot glue gun

  32. Measurement mention pannunga

  33. Who all love crafts hit like one my comment