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How to make a basic box. And why you need to know how. | Woodworking BASICS.

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Learning the skills to build a simple box will empower you to make almost anything.
Looking for a meaningful, productive hobby? Get started woodworking and set up shop for less than $1000. Download my FREE GUIDE ►
Measured plans for this box:
Oh, here’s the strap clamp I use:


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  1. msTX says:

    I apparently got a router table for nothing. then again I have no idea what I'm doing, I just do it and hope for the best lol. my whole kitchen is cabs I did myself after waiting 6 months for my contractor and having him disappear on me. so many pocket screws…they came out ok, but I'm now pretty passionate about learning. however, I'm a machinist for metal, and precision is a huge thing for me, so a lot of the woodworking videos have me pretty perplexed. please get a set of good calipers for measuring and learn to use them, they are indispensable since eyeballing things doesn't always give you good fit.

  2. Not beginner level of you need a table saw.

  3. Doug Raney says:

    I have NEVER seen anyone sand that fast!!!!! (new subscriber… old carpenter)

  4. Sir I like ur videos and share it

  5. Zayar Cyrus says:

    Somehow it's a small project
    But there's a lot for me to learn from it
    Thank you very much it's really halps

  6. Hubba Hubba says:

    Experience is Godly.

  7. Adam Thomas says:

    I feel like someone that owns a table saw would have some idea on how to make a box

  8. David Sierra says:

    Unpopular opinion here, I've jumped into this channel quite some times and, as a beginner, the amount and type of tools are quite frankly not what a beginner has to begin woodworking with. So I'm gonna skip on these videos until I'm more experienced I guess. Love your personality and the way you explain things tho :).

  9. So, I cannot make it with only hammer and nails?

  10. Good one!!! I loved the finger glue up brush!! I do pick up acid brushes a HF otherwise I have more glue on me than the project. I just ordered strap clamps.

  11. Dave Benson says:

    So many complain about the costs… $1K… but so many of those same people spend that much on golf clubs, media set-ups or auto accessories… it is a modest investment in a lifetime hobby or potentially a start-up business adventure… I know lots of friends who anguished at spending $1k on the first beginner DSLR/camera… then went on to pay $2-3k for a new lens or camera body upgrade… THANK YOU for the great information for some one who currently owns a $150. table saw but is now eyeing an upgrade…. I am just waiting for the $600 ones to come on sale…

  12. Spencer Sinn says:

    The measurements in the plan fir this project are wrong. Please review the lengths.

  13. KLartrandM says:

    All that for $5 box i can buy at ikea

  14. Dan Limbach says:

    This is a great case for owning a router table. Perfect rabbets and much faster.

  15. nonsense. get a board, cut two sides,two ends, a top,a bottom and nail it together.

  16. I am 70 years old. I have loved woodworking since I was 16. And I am a lady. As you might imagine, it was very difficult back in the 60’s to get anyone to teach me, and I wasn’t allowed to join any wood shop classes in high school. So I went on to do other work, be a mom, etc. I am still a woodworker, I am still learning, and I am thrilled to find such a good teacher. Thanks, I’m subscribing right now!

  17. I am 100% new to woodworking; and took your weekend woodworker course; it was better than excellent! I've seen nothing online that even comes close to the quality of your video demonstrations and depth of explanations. Now even more so with the pandemic, I wish you offered classes on building smaller items that could be mailed as gifts. If so, I would be first in line to take those.

  18. Mr X says:

    That's perfect practice for any beginner using a table saw

  19. ryarod says:

    I just so happened to pause at 1:17.

    The way you're looking at the camera, you look like a movie villain.

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  21. coda creator says:

    You do understand how much you've influenced 2.5 million woodworker, right? The price of tools is dropping while the cost of lumber is skyrocketing. If it weren't such a great activity, I'd suggest everyone who's not trying to make stuff for sale please stop buying all the good pine and leaving only question-mark boards behind. I'm not that good with my planer, yet! 😁