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Ganpati Decoration Ideas for Home | Decoration | Easy Makhar | Best Out Of Waste | By Punekar Sneha

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#GanpatiDecoration #Makhar #NewspaperMakar

Required Things –

Glitter Foam sheet –

3D glitter Outliner –

Acrylic Colour –

Woollen –

Fevicol –

Fevibond –

Stone & Pearl Chain –

Ball Chain –

Glue Gun -

Shilpkar Clay –

Follow Me On –

Facebook Link –

Instagram Page –

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  1. Required Material Link Mentioned In Description Box…
    Happy Crafting..🎉

  2. Arathi Singh says:

    This was fabulous and it helped me a lot 🥰🥰🥰

  3. Superb, beautiful, brilliant design so graceful

  4. It's very beautiful 😍🤩

  5. Very nice DIY tutorial..I have a question..what weight of murti will the cardboard withstand? And any tips to make sure the base is stronger to with hold the weight? Thanks in advance.

  6. sonia sehgal says:

    very nice dear your art is amazing . it is very nice and so beautiful. and very attractive . plzzz subscribe to my chnnel plzz😘😘😘☺️☺️♥️

  7. Gaya k says:

    But where did u use clay?

  8. Sarita Yadav says:


  9. Hema Joshi says:

    super..really awesome 👌👌👌

  10. खूप छान sale साठी आहे का

  11. Very nice 👌👌👌👌

  12. A G Dhurve says:

    Bhai mero ko bhi banana kya d

  13. Waa bahut Badhia Ekdam zakaas.

  14. Pihu Garg says:

    Very beautiful..I made this today.Its came out superb..Thanks for great idea🙂

  15. sameer salvi says:

    mast aahe, pan statue type madhe kahi asel tar sanga na like back side malhari, mahalaxmi type kahi tari asa easy style madhe.

  16. Pranali Sule says:

    Very good design for DIY. But it's not best out of waste. Everything you ll have to buy.