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Entryway Decoration Ideas தமிழ் | Living room Decorating Ideas and Makeover | House Decor

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This video is about the ideas to decorate the house entry way. Generally when we enter our home after a tiring and long day or bad day, we will get our energy and smile back if we see a nicely decorated entry way.

This is just one idea how to make it beautiful with the wall stickers, bamboo plant and tiny candle holders with mesmerizing Buddha statue in the middle. Cost effective and simple… which gives a pleasant feel.

House Entry way Decoration Ideas
Living room Decorating ideas
Living room Makeover
House decor

Below is the Amazon links for the products

Bamboo Plant:-

Handmade Beaded Round Glass:-

Decorative Tealight Candle Holder Set:-

Sitting Buddha:-

Tree Apple Fruits wall sticker:-

Entry way Organisation :


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  1. Hi dear friends…. Thank you for all ur love and support. I m so happy that u all liked this decor video. Many of u asking abt budha on shoe stand. Actually i like to see ganesha in the entry way but as shoe stand is there i dropped that idea and opted budha idol buz i m seeing it as a decor piece only. It depends. But very sorry if I hurted any of ur beleifs. Hope u all understand . Thank u dears😊😊😍

  2. Ever Green says:

    Thanks for this useful decorative tips!

  3. Nice tree sticker sis superb

  4. GK ARTS says:

    Super ah iruku akka unga peru anu nu neneikuran inimel apdi koopduran akka nice decoration

  5. Intha sticker remove panrapo…. Paint remove aaguma ma'am…. Kindly rpy me

  6. Shanmugam AC says:

    Candle name pls i want this

  7. Good that now we start organising our houses as
    our houses are smaller than it was before. Good upload. But you have not given why this area should be created. It is usually to put our shoes, our vehicle keys etc as well it should be iniviting. Cheers.

  8. Hello can you take a video of our showroom in omr 7338862655

  9. Rose Mary says:

    Superv sis. Thank u so much ur informative video.

  10. Looking very nice.
    Good creation💐

  11. Rose Rose says:

    Paint adicha ena pananu

  12. Buddar silayai neenga shoe rack mela vecha tappu illaya….

  13. Deb's Vault says:

    What a idea madam ji 👏👏 .

  14. anu oo says:

    Sticker remove panna paint poyiruma

  15. Wall sticker remove panna wall painting damage aguma.. because we r in rented house

  16. Entha direction la venalum buddha va vaikalama

  17. enga v2 ottu vidu sis ithulam panalama sis

  18. Remo Art says:

    Beautiful decor idea.. dear friend 💐🙏

  19. you r great …..n dng each n every work so dedicative ……😚