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DIY Wall Mirror, Ikea Hack, DIY Room Decor 2020, Home Decoration Ideas on a Budget

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Geniş Ekran Dar Ekran

full credit

go show some love by following her on her instgram she has many more diy projects and great food home decor ideas

If you have any questions on this diy project message her instgram

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  1. Your creativity is reflected in your work

  2. Nor Juliana says:

    Hi, I have question what if I want to do to the whole wall how to calculate to get the mirror same size? Tqia

  3. Yeah I have a question? How many packs of mirrors and what was the cost

  4. Linda Yeary says:

    Very nice and beautiful. Great job you did with this. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  5. Seema Mistry says:

    how did you cut the mirrors? fantastic job by the way!

  6. Класс видео. Купи просмотры и лайки Ощути себя супер Крутым ютюбером как Ивангай #hapnihaipa

  7. Amina Khan says:

    Wow freshta jan great job it looks so good but u stick it to the wall ?? It can damage it right ??