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DIY IDEAS FOR ROOM 2020 I Ideas tumblr

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  1. Minnesota 1 says:

    hey im from future we have now covid 19

  2. i like how it says "2020" Yet it come out in 2018 like ?????

  3. XxPandaxX says:


  4. K Awesome says:

    Y'all we just watching

    but nun of us finna make these items

    no cap

  5. a person says:

    Everyone: “THEY RUINED THE CLOCK!”
    Me realizing I’d have to spent two minutes trying to figure out the time:😐😑☹️

  6. Laura Brown says:

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  7. Petar Homson says:

    I saw the clock hack and left

  8. Bunni Buns says:

    who else got kinda clickbait when they wthought they would get what the thumbnail had

  9. Bunni Buns says:

    1:45 is that the victorious cast??

  10. No body gonna talk about it says in title 2020 but date was from 2 years ago

  11. Why does it say 2020 but it was maid in 2018……

  12. creak… when the clock turns and you are 30 minutes late…

  13. Sister Zone says:

    Awesome Creations!!!

  14. Laura Brown says:

    One of the Best Ideas of Noise Free Room is "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  15. girl we need to see the time not be blind

  16. FLuvQue 's says:

    Suddenly I feel blind for a while because of one clock


  18. Hi kapatid pa balik ng yakap 🙂 pabisita po ng bahay namin. :*

  19. nea pot ok and cool wow

  20. 0:55
    Me: T͟R͟I͟G͟G͟E͟R͟E͟D͟

  21. they be like lets ruin this perfectly fine clock with foil plus we cant see the time!

  22. Anja Jakab says:

    They stole ALL of these from 5 minute crafts

  23. WoW ! Nice idea ! I tried Cable Clips and it helped my organization

  24. Opal Wendit says:

    The clock looked better before I mean-

  25. Me:did this come out before LOCKDOWN?
    Looks at date
    Me:nope it came out in 2018

  26. Abonné vous sur Décoration maison

  27. ya ti says:

    It is the best decor i love it.

  28. Comments: About the clock

  29. Time stamps:
    0:06 Clock that doesn’t work and hurts your eyes
    1:06 prison bars that somehow have a use
    2:01 Chair that looks cool but will most likely break
    2:55 Ring bowl worth $2
    3:52 key hanger which does not allow you to use keys
    5:13 Trashy looking photo holder which ruins a crystal
    6:49 letter that looks like you got it from a yard sale
    8:38 useless tray that has “gold marble”
    9:21 board you could have spent less money on by buying it

    Please like it took me a whole hour

  30. mina adil says:

    everything i do it's not working never like am never copying on yt because also i waste them and nothing happen's i will just buy it ready like it's wayyyyyyy to hard