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DIY Heart Shaped Wall Decor Showpiece || Easy Home Decoration Ideas || DIY Home Decor || DIY Craft

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#heartdecor #wallhanging

Hello everyone,
In this video, we have made a beautiful heart shaped wall decor showpiece. You can also try this craft idea to decorate your home.

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Hetal’s Art is a channel where you find easy DIY art and craft video everyday about home decoration ideas.

Thanks for watching this video, have a happy crafting.


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  1. Azam Khan says:

    Beautiful idea 😇🥰

  2. Govi Koduru says:

    Who are watching this in lock down

  3. T N says:

    Which glue u use?

    It's not fevicol.. coz fevicol damaged paper

  4. Savita Sone says:

    Very nice idea I tried it out and it turned out fantastic

  5. Thank u for wall hanging Idia😊😊😊

  6. I love it looks beautiful 💖❤💙

  7. Vanne Garcia says:

    koñp deriva ilyi fubñnl nos

  8. Very nice..😍😘
    Which video editing app do you use to make your videos? Please reply. Please please please…

  9. A pagul aurat 👊👊👊👊👊

  10. Shahab Ahmad says:

    I am your 1 like mam and nice