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DIY Flower Photo Frame | Home Decoration Ideas | Ventuno Art

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#homedecorideas #roomdecor #diyphotoframes

Looking for some cool new ways to display your photos? We’ve recently posted The Most Creative DIY Photo frame Ever, where you’ll get the most creative photo framing idea for wall decor or gifts. Complete with easy to follow step by steps in the video, this is a perfect craft idea for teens and adults alike.

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  1. This wonderful frame helped me too much for decorating my room . Thanks ventuno art👍👍

  2. Lovely photo Frame 😍😍💖💖

  3. Nice ventuno art….. love to…..I like your channel very much….so good idea….💞💞💞

  4. Awesome ideas of home decorations

  5. You are legally required to site the songs you use or you can get sued, unless you paid for public use.

  6. khushi vps says:

    I love your craft work and it's amazing

  7. #Remember me
    I didn't get time to watch your vedios sorry for that and congrats for your new vedio.

  8. Laboni Patra says:

    ya jo stick hai kaysa stick hai

  9. Congratulations, Beatifull💖✌️

  10. Kael Orast says:

    I wait for christtmast and this is so good craft for christmast

  11. I want to make this. Thanks for this video. May god bless you and your creative mind. By the way which country does you belongs to

  12. Please make more like this.
    I was needing room decorating things u gave very great ideas 😍😍

  13. Riya Suthar says:

    Please!! make some different flowers !!

  14. Awesome Wall decoration .I will try this .

  15. Oh!!! It's very very gorgeous and you can treasure your memories in such a lovely piece… It's enchanting to think of it on my wall

  16. Monster says:

    Pierwsza z Polski ❤